3 thoughts on “Journal

  1. Ivan

    Aslan,Lucy,And Susan want to the white witch home. Aslan want their to get and army to go to the war. The army that Aslan had to fight with Peter. Aslan got their army in the white witch home and breth on them.

  2. kaitlyn

    aslan,lucy and susan where heding to the wiches castle. and aslan lusy and susan where going to get edmun and peter

  3. Moni Moni Monica ;)

    I agree with Ivan and kaitlyn because they wanted the army for the war that the evil white witch told aslan to have a war.and they wanted edmund and peter to get out of the white witch’s home edmund should not go in the first time.the white witch tricked edmund about bieng king or bieing a prince but the white witch question was she does not humans to be wondering in narnia.but at the end lucy,susan,edmund and peter were king of narnia and queen in narnia and thats how happened

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