7 thoughts on “Vocabulary Time

  1. Galexycraft aka donny

    The vermin animals shouldn’t harm the plants because the slush will melt
    and turn into water then it will water the plants so we don’t have to because we are in a really bad drought right now.

  2. Myles

    It can sometimes be vermin to see a dead bug or an animal.

    Slush is good to drink and it keeps you cool. It also has good flavor in the sush

  3. Amanda

    That was a very vermin slushy I did’t like it at all because it had apple sour in it it was not very good.

  4. cherryez123 (ericka)

    A weasel was looking around a field when he saw a slush cup.The weasel didn’t know what to do so he brang it to his family.When the weasel’s family saw it the got confused,they didn’t know if it was an enemy or some type of water.Some weasel sacrificed himself and took a sip of it,a moment of silence came.All the weasel’s loved it when they took a sip so they drank it until,it all ran out!The weasel’s were very sad,but they remember winter was right around the corner. So they waited until winter and when it arrived they were all filled with joy so they went out side and ate all the snow and they lived happly ever after The End

  5. Warcrafter25(AustinLee)

    I found a slush store and I went to check it out but when I got inside there were slush everywhere it was like a dream untile a vermin came inside the store and he was a rober and he try to steal all the slush in the slush store so I grabed slush and through it at him he got so mad that he built a fortrace to protect himself and after I built a fortrace better than his is than we had a slush fight it is just like a snowball fight after 6 hours it was night time and I knocked him out with a slush ball right to the face after all it was a dream.

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