October 20


Pick One:

Write about a new invention you want to create or Tell me about the worst “boo- boo” you have ever had.

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  1. Haylie

    The invention I want to make is a anything robot because it can turn to anything and if my homework is hard than I would tell the robot to help me.

  2. L@v3nd3r (Kevin)

    The worst injury I have ever had was getting stabbed in my foot with a shard of glass. I know that’s not really much of an injury but that’s the worst I have ever had. It felt painful until I pulled the glass shard quickly because if you pull something out of a body slowly it will be painful and you will lost a lot of blood.

  3. LeeAustin

    A new invention I want to create is a game called Zeus its a game where you are a god and you create a village and battle other players in a tournament and play online with your friends and help them with missions and fight for money and if you play solo you get to create your own team then the next thing you want to do is become a master fighter.

  4. daniel

    Last year ago my big brother pushed my head into the corner of the dresser. My was non stop bleeding because he was mad at me.

  5. Brianna

    a new invention i want to create is a robot backpack that could walk on its own. Also, it could tell either if you forgot something or need anything. And if you have to get something out of the backpack it could unzip itself and take the item out for you. Plus, you would not have to carry the bag with you it will walk or run. last the backpack would not have to be charged up.

  6. Eduardo

    A creation I would want to make would be a car that can drive by itself.It would have cameras on every side.It would also use a satilite image so it knows where to go.This car would also have many things for people who cant to things.I think this car will help many people.

  7. Monica Mendoza

    I would pick the worst boo boo I had.I got a boo boo when I was running to the playground and I fell where the sidewalk was and my knee started bleeding and hurting.I felt like I would never walk and that was the worst boo boo I ever had.boo boo just HURTS a-lot.I also felt like I needed a doctor or just call 911.but the cut was gone now and i felt happy 🙂

  8. shephali;0

    One invention I would make would be a shoeray.A shoeray is a shoe that can be used for a heat ray,a dart gun,and a pincher or a puncher.I could use it to punch and burn people I hate.I could shoot a dart in a person all in one shoe.That is on of the invention I would make.

  9. kaitlyn

    the worst boo-boo I ever had was when I was at the park and a boy pushed me and I fell from the monkey bars and I rolled down and hit my self on the pull when I stop and then I start crying because I had a lot of pain
    and then my mom herd me and saw me and she graved me and took me to the car and drove to the hospitle because I had wood chips inside my for head then they took all the wood chips out and put a super strong glue on my for head and under my eye and that is the worst boo-boo and i still have it

  10. Myles

    I am going to type about the worst time i fell. It was when i was just riding my bike and i was going fast and then i tried to turn then i fell. At first i feel a thing but when i looked at where i fell then i started to fell my pain. Well i was kinda lucky because my cousin was there to help me to get up and my boo boo was on my leg and hands i was bleeding so i really cond’nt get up but my cousin helped me get up and in my house later i got cleaned and got bandages. That is the time i got my worst time feeling of pain.

  11. isaac

    my worst one is when im in the house there werid spiders there and it hard to smash them,they get away every time I hit a spider.i got to imgans and see all the spiders there, i think that all the spiders aretrace rill i feel like they all cud be gon so that no one will not get hurt by spiders and no poision there in there body.

  12. junior B

    A new invention that I’ve created was a turning myself into a robot so I could live for a longtime and even be a hero or be a human half robot I could even be a person that makes weapons to help myself protect my self wild animal attacks or mild weather reports but most importantly to just protect my friends and family from any other bad people.

  13. Amanda :)

    The worst ‘boo boo’ I have ever had is when I had broken my finger and I was 7. When it happend it hurt a lot and that was the worst ‘boo boo’ I have had what was yours?

  14. isaiah

    Ms.Penrose i will be doing both if it’s fine with u … I want to create power rangers i watch that show all the time …. the worst boo boo is scraping my foot on the ground it was bad and let’s go back to the invention I like that show and i will do anything for it like the greenpower ranger i pick HIM my color is green l really like power ranger dino charge

  15. mspenrose (Post author)

    Myles, I had the same thing happen to me before. You were lucky that your cousin was there to help. But my mom was there to help me get up. I was riding a scooter.

  16. mspenrose (Post author)

    Katelyn you need some periods at the end of your sentences. I cannot tell where the sentences end.

  17. mspenrose (Post author)

    Isaiah, you need some periods also. Please use periods. I do not no where you stopped.

  18. leilani

    I want to create a health machine. What it would do it when somebody steps inside they would be perfect. Say if somebody had cancer. The machine would take it away. And give them there hair back.

  19. alim

    I have a new plan it will be a circle cut into slices to stop hurting it the belly and it will have tomato sause also a thin layer of cheese and meat and vegtables because kids need to be heathly. I call it the circlesandwitch whit stuff on it! ( pizza )

  20. eric

    my worst boo-boo is dog bite me and go hurt then my dog save me then my hand got hurt really bad that dog almost broken my hand then i had to go to a my brother becaues he fix anything and he fix my hand

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