October 7

Spelling Word Sort

Directions: Classify each of your spelling words into the categories below. Then add two non-spelling words to each group.

E /o/ and /aw/ /I/ /U/ A

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5 thoughts on “Spelling Word Sort

  1. Elida

    /e/ /o/ and /aw/
    leather freckle double taught prompt bought jazz

    /i/ /u/
    guilt myth strict glove pause taxi bumblebee pansy

  2. Haylie

    jazz /a/,double /o/ freckle /e/ glove /o/ pause /o/ bumblebee /e/ myth /i/ leather /e/ strict /i/ taxi /a/ prompt /o/ bought /o/ pansy /a/ taught /o/ guilt /i/ minute /i/ rabbit /a/ tropical /o/ jungle /u/ pasture /a/

  3. isaac

    jungle,flower,found,eat,ate, use. there were a flower in the jungle and I had to water it and it turn into a big bush and there was a tree there to and I wound plant more plants so it can be a big tree so fruits can get in the tree and it will be nice of a person who like plants and people will like to see them.the one who plant it and tried there best to make it good.

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