September 24

Vocabulary Activity


Use the following words in sentences.

Spare, juggle, serve, spirit, deliberately

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5 thoughts on “Vocabulary Activity

  1. lilac petal aka ericka

    I got a spare when i went bowling.At the circus I saw a man juggling 10 knives at the same time. I have the right to serve Thanks Giving today. At school games i get the spirit in me. I deliberately help a student on math without asking Mrs.Penroses permission.

  2. Myles

    1.There were only a spare of food after dinner.2. I had never saw some one juggle.3.The waitress has to serve your food.4. A lot of kids have spirit for school.5. I deliberately trip.

  3. LeeAustin

    1. I spare change to a homeless. 2.When i went to a fair i saw a man juggle six balls. 3.Last night we went to a restraunt they serve chicken, noodles,shrimp,meatballs,and rice balls.4.At my school every friday we wear spirt wear witch is blue.5.I deliberately fell into the water.

  4. Haylie

    When ever there is a spirit rally then i always get ready for it because there is games that need to be done and more that is why i have to be there.Also when i am done with school than i have to go on myon and thinkcentral and more for about one hour and then i do my homework and have free time.And i have to do it because that is what juggle is.

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