8 thoughts on “Journal

  1. Eduardo

    I think of storms like strong winds and tornados with hard rain with floods.Also people trapped is place that is hard to get out from.I would also think of it as helicopters trying to get in hard places.News reporters in helicopters trying to get clips of what is going on.That is what I think of the word storm.

  2. shephali kumar :) ;)

    The word storm makes me think of FOOD!STORM can be like hot fudge instead of rain.And marshmallows instead of hail.The tsunami will be made with sprite.The ground will be like cheesecake crust and when it will be cut in to it will crumble just what happens when an earthquake hits.That is what the world storm means to me.

  3. Amanda

    The word storm make makes me think of lightning rain and floods and scary things. That is what the word ‘storm’ makes me think about

  4. Haylie

    I think of storms like strong wind,rain,and floods but it also makes think of food because when i here the sounds i think it is me not the storms but my mom will tell me it is just the storm.

    The End

  5. Myles

    I think storm means like a lot of rain just falling and lighting with thunder. There are a lot of other things to storms but i picked the normal ones. That’s what i think of storm.

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