8 thoughts on “Journal

  1. brianna

    i think that i will go to Chucky cheeses and have fun. also i think that my auntie and i will go get my Halloween costume.

  2. ericka z.

    this is what i think what would happen next week. I think that our class will get more into division. Also I think that we would have a brand new fluency to read that is what i think that would happen next week.

  3. Brianna

    i think i will go swimming at my auntie’s apartment building. I think that because she said she would take me.

  4. Myles

    What i think will happen is the same thing that happen this week. I think that because its always the same. Because i always go to school do my home work take a shower go to sleep and then wake then go school. that’s why i think its going to be the same.

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