16 thoughts on “9-16-15– Journal

  1. leilani

    dogs because i have so many dogs i love dogs i like their little fluffy hair they shase after you and their so cute

  2. Amanda

    I think that the animal that I have in common to me would have to be a cat because cats are kind of lazy and I am also lazy as well. So I think that a cat is kind of like me just that I don’t meow. (:

  3. haylie

    The animal i have in common is a dog because a dog and a cat is the most common and i have a dog because my big dog only know how to sit and also he knows how to fetch.

  4. raina

    A animal i have in common is the dog i in common with the dog becsaue i can heru like a dog and there is way i’m in common with a dog.

  5. Monica Mendoza

    what animals do you have the most in common with and why ? so,I think that animals have common with humans,because animals have 2 legs on the back and has 2 arms on front.because I had seen animal like,
    and other animals

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