July 29


Imagine that you are a part on the human body (for instance, a mouth, leg, or finger) and
write about your day.

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18 thoughts on “Journal

  1. Briannq

    If i was part of a human body. I will want to be a mouth because then i’ll will be able to taste great foods and be used everyday to talk and eat at night and day.

  2. brittany

    If i was leg i will be tired of walking and moving around.Imagine they go to Disney Land and they walked the whole day.I would be so tired that i might break of.

  3. dylan

    If i was a body part of a human it would be a finger.And my day is my face would get hit some many times and dirty for all the stuff the human did with his/her fingers.

  4. Donny

    My day would be cool cause i would be a heat because it is combinded wuth everything in youre body i would be able to contol the whole body it would be so cool

  5. haylie

    If i was a instance body part i will be a mouth i will be a mouth because with a mouth you can talk and eat i will just be a moving mouth.

  6. fman122 aka Kevin

    I am a hand. I get used for everything right now I am being used for holding a pencil it is pretty obvious where I am right now. I am bored I prefer to be used for buttons on a video game controller or handheld. right now I am being used for writing math It is boring. what I am hearing is 134 x 346.Obviously he does not no that nor do I. Now I am at home I am being used for video games. there is something on the floor labeled “Homework” for some reason I am never used for that I wonder why. The End. My story is bad Anyways *starts clapping*

  7. Daniel

    i would want to be in the finger because if that person moves it finger i can the bone move in different spot. my day would be awesome in a human body.

  8. ericka.z

    i would be a leg because it would be fun having all those mussels in you.This would be my day as a leg i would wake up from a kicking night and i would exercise my mussels and then i would walk to the kitchen table to eat breakfast.Then after we are done with breakfast i would go in the shower and get dressed with some nice exercise clothes so i could go jogging in the morning.I would also go to the store really quick and by some juice for the extra run. When i get back home i go on the i relax my self and the rest om my body part friends.When the night falls i say good night to my friends then we go to sleep and have another beautiful day tomorrow.

  9. tanisha

    I would be hand. I would draw pictures. Also I would catch the ball. Something else I would do is type stuff on the computer. I would also play on the tablet. Also I would change the channel on the t.v with the remote. What I would also do is write stuff. Also I would hold stuff like books.

  10. Amanda

    If I was a part of a human body it would be the arm because the arm is one of the body parts that would not get dirty I am not a big fan of getting dirty so that is why or unless the person falls and gets hurt then that is different because the person would fall and get dirty. This is how my day would be. One day I was down the street walking and jogging with the person and she was jogging then she got home and started to eat breakfast and then she did some yoga and then went to work and I had a great day at her job and we ate pizza and that is how my day was. It was great. 😉

  11. shephali kumar

    Today I was a mouth and the person’s mouth I was,was my mom.She has a big mouth and a big job to talk alot because she has to help people by talking to them.I got so tired of being moved alot of times it felt like I was on a roller coster that never ends at all.Finally,my mom stoped talking and went to bed and I went to bed.Thats the end of my day.

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