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  1. Santiago

    The ocean is salty because some of the water can be mixed and because some animals live in salt water.

  2. jose

    all water even rain contains chemicals called salt and the ocean gets so many its even taste able

  3. yareli

    The ocean is salty because because of lakes rivers and rain the mix all in the ocean water and it makes salt water. There also salty because because of the fish

  4. Eleanor

    the ocean salty because of all the sand at the ground and when ever a animal swoops by the ground and picks up the sand in the water and thats what makes it salty

  5. mickie

    I think that the ocean is salty because of the evaporation and like the river water carries dissolved salt into the ocean.

  6. Michael luo

    The ocean is salty because if someone wanted to taste it the water would give it the salt in the tasty of ocean water.

  7. nate

    i think the ocean water is salty because it is for fish in the water they have to put salt because they live in there

  8. Vannessa

    I think the ocean is salty because the rivers that carry the salt flow into the ocean and gives it tons of salt…

  9. caylah

    the reason that the ocean is salty is because fish are allergic to pepper water one day along time ago there were no fish in the world so the oceans were all pepper water and then all the fish came and they couldn’t swim in pepper water so every body in the world got as much salt as they could and found the nearest ocean to them and put it in there

  10. Arturo

    the ocean is so salty because in the air evaperate water from the sky and make it into salt water

  11. chalan

    i disagree with u eleanor i think it is because along time ago the river flooded the ocean and it became salty. eleanor

  12. ivan

    The ocean is salty because the lakes and rivers mixes with the ocean water witch makes it salty

  13. luis

    The Ocean Is Salty becuase it not good for drinking it bad to drink it good wen it fresh water but wen it not fresh don’t drink it not for you it bad to drink.

  14. ImDAsmartest

    The ocean is salty because when the earth was forming salt particles floated up the best way through the ocean. so yeah also it could be the ocean eroding salt rocks.

  15. patra

    The ocean is salty because the salt contents lake water present up to the present levels .Rivers carry and dissovled salt to the ocean.Thats why the ocean is salty.

  16. mickie

    I would disagree with you Luis because your not explaining why the ocean is salty but your just saying that don’t drink salt water and drink fresh water.

  17. chalan

    i disagree with u binh because the evaporation has nothing to do with the saltyness binh also i disagree with you caylah there was never a pepper ocean caylah

  18. gabby

    I think that the ocean is salty because of the evaporation and like the the river water corries dissolved salt into the ocean

  19. ImDAsmartest

    Jose I disagree with you because when water doesn’t evaporate with water. water heats then turns to steam then floats up and condenses google it

  20. sela

    i think the ocean is salty because of the sea animals and the people who take care of the ocean.

  21. MIchael

    as water flows in the rivers it picks up small amounts of salt from the rivers and soil of the river bed

  22. jose

    All water, even rain water, contains dissolved chemicals which scientists call “salts.

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