June 5

June 5– Journal

Please answer both questions.

If Ken makes $8 per month working as an orderly in the Tanforan camp hospital, how much does he make per week?

Describe the water at Tanforan. What happens when Yuki’s mom tries to do the laundry, or when Emi’s grandma tries to take a shower?

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14 thoughts on “June 5– Journal

  1. Vanessa

    Ken makes 45 cents each week.The water at Tanforan runs out of hot water quickly,when Yuki’s mom tries to do the laundry,and Emi’s Grandma wants to take a shower, there is no hot water left.

  2. nate

    i think he makes 12 dallor a week.

    when yuki mom try to do laudrey it stop working

    and when emi want to take a shower there was no hot wqater

  3. mickie

    I would say $1.60 because I broke up the money and I divided $8.00 and I got $1.60.I remember in one chapter that Yuki’s mother and Emi’s grandmother said that the hot water had ran out.

  4. angel

    the amount of money he get per week is 40 because he get $8 in each day so in each week he gets $40.

    i think when they use the water it not so good because they are in the camp

  5. Michael luo

    I think that ken made per week is 12 dollars because he did everything such as built his family chairs,tables,shelves to put their belongings and clothes.I would describe tanforans water is low because the camp had a lot of japanese people who were there.

  6. arturo

    i think he gets $40 because in each day he gets $8 and in the last week he gets 40.

    I think when emie mom or yuki mom use the water it might be dirty or low water.

  7. Nicholas

    1. I think he will get 1.50 a week.
    2.when Emi’s grandma takes a shower she is freezing.

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