June 4

Journal Topic

While walking home from school you find a four leaf clover. You make a wish and it comes true! Tell me a story about the rest of your day.


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  1. mickie

    If I found a four leaf clover,I would wish to become a millionaire because I want to be rich and provide money for my family to,and give Mrs. Penrose have of the money so she could have some to spend on.I would get all the cars in the world and have a really nice house.

  2. angel

    if i found a four leaf ,the wish i would wish is that i could have my own genie and if it came true and the rest of the day i made a lot of wish. i will wish for any game i want a cool car and rest of the cool thing i want.

  3. ivan

    When I was walking home after school I saw a four leaf clover.I made a wish.The wish was that I had superpowers like I would be the flash.When I made my wish I just walked home.The next day I went outside and I was running fast.I ran so fast nobody even saw me.I hid my powers so nobody would know my power.

  4. Santiago

    One day,I just got out of school and i was walking home when i found a four leaf clover and i wished that i get what i want for free. Then when i went to game stop to buy a game and then i was paying for it then the guy said i get for free then i was picking games, i spend my whole day playing video games

  5. Michael luo

    If i was walking home with my friends and i found a four leaf clover i would make a wish i want to be in the world of gta5 in the gta5 world to meet new friends and the day would be like sunny and drive a mustang car and have fun.

  6. nate

    once upon a time i was walking home and i see a four clover i will grab it and make a wish my wish will be 1 milion dollar and it came truth
    i ran home and went in my room and then i saw a mililon dollar and i spent it

  7. Nicholas

    While I was walking home from school I found a four leaf clover and I wished I was a billionaire.Then when I got home there was a billion dollars in my room.I went downstairs and told my parents.After I told my parents we went to the mall to buy some clothes and video games.After we went to the mall my parents bought a mansion and a nice car.I bought a Xbox One and a gaming computer.Also I bought myself a mini motorcycle and a go-kart for me.

  8. jose

    One day I come from school and see a four leave clover and I wish I could go on a hot air balloon ride then i’m at the place where you go and then I bought a lottery card and then I scratched it and my quarter and then it smack the engine so the balloon popped so I jumped off and landed on a airplane and realized I won the lottery so talk about a lucky day

  9. NextEvilDicator

    If I found a four leafed clover and it would grant me one wish I would wish for infinite wishes. Then I would wish for an awesome evil castle complete with an evil execution room and dungeon but the dungeon would be like a fancy spa to people who are good to me and don’t tell me “When I get out of here you’re dead!!”. Those are the people that would be in the high tech torture room. If there is a rebellion I would kill the top soldier and leader and kill off any relatives of those two so as the little siblings wouldn’t have a chance to grow up and kill me to get revenge. In the final battle between good and bad when the hero gets wide eyed the drops to the ground I will also drop instead of turning around to see what he saw only to get iced.When I have the rebellion leader cornered instead of asking him any last words I would just promptly end him. Or if he asks “Tell me why are you doing this” I wouldn’t tell him why I would say no and end him or end him and say no after. I wouldn’t make any of the typical bad guy mistakes like letting the rebellion leader’s kin or children live long enough to grow up and end me I would hunt them down and end them.

  10. arturo

    one day i found a four leaf clover and i made a wish and it came true and i would be so happy and the rest of the day i would just use it and play with it.

  11. patra

    when i was walking home i found a four leaf clover .One thing i will wish for is to have my big sister at home. A second thing is for my brother to get a job.

  12. mickie

    I would become the next evil dictator and rule over the world and become king.I would have a kings castle and guards surrounding the base.Brandon I will find you…and I will rule over you

    I’m just kidding about it…Mrs. Penrose told me toooo

  13. Nicholas Yinn

    Mickie and Brandon why would you be a dictator? I would be the secret king of the whole US and me and my family could do anything.

  14. Austin lee

    If i found a four leaf clover i would wish to be immortal and never die also have thousands and thousands of money.

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