14 thoughts on “If I…

  1. mickie

    If I created a new type of candy,it would be an ever lasting flavor gum because no gum company had never made a ever lasting flavor gum and that a lot of people would want it because its not like regular gum with the flavor in the beginning and ending soon.

  2. Santiago

    If i made a new candy i would make a type of sourish on a cookie or on popsicle because there should be tingliy and new flavor

  3. ivan

    If i invented my own candy i would call it mystery box. I would call it that because i would put a random candy like bubble gum, chocolate,or whit chocolate.

  4. Nicholas Yinn

    If I created a candy it would be called “power candy” because if somebody eats it,it will make that person have super powers for 1 hour. It will also cost $1000. People who buy it could choose what power they could have. For example people could have super strength,super speed,magic, and more.

  5. Michael luo

    If i invented a new kind of candy it would be sugar plum grape candy. so it is a kind of candy that is soft and you can chew it to smell the flavor.

  6. tgy34;oihfr/

    It would be a perfect candy it would sweet sour and savory but it wouldn’t be too much of any of them

  7. Vanessa

    I would make a candy mixed with laffy taffy and more laffy taffy to make…..LAFFY TAFFY!

  8. Roselyn

    if i can invent a candy it would be watermelon cand like watermelon lolipop and anything else.

  9. arturo

    the candy i would make is a candy that never end. it would tast like all of the candy flavor.

  10. sela

    if i invented my own candy i would call it fruity’s because it would be fruits and it would be healthy for people to eat it and it helps you not to eat sugar fruits.

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