May 28

May 28 Who Am I?

1. I was a British commander who was tricked into thinking that the Patriots were going
to attack New York. Instead, they surrounded Yorktown and forced my surrender on
October 19, 1781.

2. When a large crowd of colonists gathered outside the Customs House, I yelled that
the way to get rid of the “lobster-backs” was to attack the main guard. The British
soldiers fired into the crowd and I, along with four other men, was killed. This became
known as the Boston Massacre.

3. I was a key commander for the Patriots. I was given command of West Point, but in
order to raise money to pay off debts I had acquired, I schemed to tell the British how
they could attack and defeat this key fort on the Hudson River. Although the
Americans discovered my plan, I managed to escape and became an officer in the
British Army. For my deeds, I will forever be known in the U.S. as a traitor.

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16 thoughts on “May 28 Who Am I?

  1. jose

    1 Cornwallis

    2 Crispus Attucks

    3 Benidict Arnold

    Also put more patriot people or are you on the British side

  2. chalan bitanga #3 b track ms penrose class

    i am general cornwallis the evil guy i am still alive

    ps: this isgeneral cornwallis

    pps: it is actually chalan

  3. Michael Luo

    What i think who said the quote was general cornwallis because he surrenderd to the american soldiers and put down their guns and ammunition then the soldiers can have freedom thanks to james armistead who served as a spy for the soldiers to let them know that the british was planning an attack.

  4. Arturo

    i think the person is a spy because it is telling us that he is knowing the plain about the other people.

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