Sharing Our Stories…Sharing Our Lives…

We are from various parts of the globe, but  our stories are interwoven like a patchwork quilt.  How similar yet different we all are–from Vietnam to China to Biloxi Mississippi–from walks in the park to jumprope to tetherball! Please listen to our family stories and tell us what you think.

Today’s interviews were conducted by the following students:

Ethan – An interview with his father

Ivan – An interview with his mother

Joyce – An interview with her mother

Rajanae – An interview with her mother

8 thoughts on “Sharing Our Stories…Sharing Our Lives…

  1. This is a wonderful example of a project that involves parents in their children’s education–in a most positive way. Thank you for making these delightful interviews public so that we all can learn from each other’s stories. Lovely!
    Suzie Boss

    • Dear Ms. Boss,
      We appreciate the kind words you said like wonderful, positive, delightful, and lovely. Thank you for those kind words.


    • Dear Ms.Boss,
      Thank you for commenting on our blog, and for listening to our interviews.I liked it and learned alot when I was interviewing my dad.


  2. Dear Ms. Boss,
    Thank you for reading our blog. I had fun because I learned a lot
    from my mom’s past.


  3. Dear Ms. Boss,
    Thank you for reading our blog. I had fun because I learned a lot from my grandmother’s past


  4. I did my interview with my mom. I learned lots of things from her like what she loved to do and what was her favorite thing. She also told me that she always had to help her mom and she loved to go sleep with her Grandma because her Grandma always bought her jello, toys, clothing , and food.

  5. Great idea! Fifth graders at our school do family heritage projects. The students interview a family member and then write about it. I am going to try this next year! Do you just use a digital recorder? Thanks for the inspiration!

    Franklin Elementary

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