Stories from the Heart

We are calling our interviews “Stories from the Heart.”  We want to share these personal stories and hope you will enjoy them.  Keep looking for more interviews as we upload them to this blog!  Thank you for listening!


Anthony and his mother (photo)

Today’s featured interviews were conducted by the following students:

Please tell us what you think!

8 thoughts on “Stories from the Heart

  1. Hello Ms. Cheung!
    I’ve enjoyed listening to “Stories from the Heart!” I’m learning so much about each student and their family in your class. Can’t wait to check back for more postings. Have a wonderful holiday break!

    ~Mrs. Vue

  2. Each interview that was conducted with a loved family member is truly beautiful! The stories are heartwarming and the reminder we all need to listen carefully to the stories within our own families. Thank you Ms. Cheung and students for your wonderful projects.

  3. These are awesome stories!
    I hope these people’s stories will help others. They certainly have increased my empathy.
    Thank you Ms. Cheung’s students!!!

  4. Dear Ms. Cheung,
    This would have been a great project for us to do last year. My story would have been really hard but I think it would’ve helped me get closer to all my friends. Being in your class did that already. I think you would be suprised how good of friends Ashley, Cristian, and I are. We all miss the fun and excitement of being in your class.


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