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This next week is a track change week.  I need a few forms from a few students for the California Healthy Kids Survey as I am administering it on Monday.

Here is the curriculum grid for the week.

A few students and I are heading to the Sac Republic game on Sunday with our media equipment.  Whoohoo!!

Thanks for sending in the field trip forms.  I wanted to alert you of a special form coming home next Wednesday in their Wednesday Folders.  A parent/guardian does need to fill it out ASAP and return it back to school.  Please be on the lookout for the Healthy Kids Survey form.

Both grade levels are working hard on DBQ's, media, and their novels.  Here's a snapshot of the quizzes and tests for next week.

Have a great weekend!  I'm so proud of our Griffins heading to the airshow to represent our school.


I'm trying a new document to show when the assessments are.  Hopefully, this is quick and easy.  I am also giving a lot of time in class to study for these assessments.  Please click on the link below.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

We have a few media passes for two events.  If your student is able to go to the event, their ticket is free.  I'm working on securing a chaperone ticket as well.  The students will be given a field kit to borrow so that they may record the event as they see fit.   I have three passes to each event.  Please respond if you are interested in these events ASAP as I need to let them know by 5:00 tomorrow.   Thanks so much!  Students do not need to be there all day, but most of the time.

5th Grade

Math-we have finished Topic 1 and reviewed it.  Today the students took some quizzes.  The paper review that they completed over two days is EXACTLY like the test.  The test is on Monday.  There is an additional practice assigned if your student would like extra practice.

SS-students are still working on a Geography Dictionary

6th Grade

Math-students had a quiz this week.  We will continue with Topic 1.

SS-Students finished a Mystery Skull slideshow and are working on a DBQ about cave art


DLR and 5 a Day are being completed daily.  Every Friday we have a DLR quiz.

Spelling activities are assigned to be done in class and the test is on Thursdays.

Science: Students completed a Planet Newsletter

SS: students will work on a latitude and longitude slideshow

Art-we have worked on a Van Gogh art project for many days, please ask your student about it.

Thank you for your support and the donations.  I'm searching for the MM's if someone bought those, I need them for the gumball machine.  Thanks! Have a great weekend!  Also, I have jury duty next Tuesday, September 12th.  Students have spirit days every day next week.

Thank you for taking the time to subscribe and read my blog.  You will find this information helpful when navigating this combination class.  Thank you to the families who took the time to meet with me on Zoom over the summer, I enjoyed catching up with your families.  With intersession, I feel like we have been in school for a month, but it has only been a few weeks.  We are back to our routines, getting to know our new students, and starting to complete graded assignments.  We moved seats as well this week.  I would appreciate your time in filling out this survey to understand more about your student.

Here are the updates for each grade level for the next week:

5th Graders

Social Studies: Students have been working to complete a slideshow on the Mid-Atlantic Region.  They will have a test next Friday, September 8, on these states in reference to their location.  They have a lot of time in class to study this as well.  We are also completing a Geography Dictionary.  There will be a test on these definitions as well but it will probably be in a few weeks. I've asked the students to study these definitions as well in class when possible.

Math-We are navigating the new program and completing a lesson a day.  We should finish the chapter next Thursday, September 7th.  We will have a quiz on the 8th and then start reviewing for the test.

6th graders

Social Studies: Students are completing an assignment on a Mystery Skull by becoming an archaeologist.  We learned about the Stone Age first and will also have a Stone Age Tool Project soon.  We have started a DBQ on Early Man and Cave Paintings.

Math-We are navigating the new program and completing a lesson a day.  Remember that each lesson takes two days.  I think the students like this. The sixth graders will have a quiz on Wednesday next week.

Science- both grades are completing a Planet Newsletter consisting of two slideshows.  I have impressed upon them how important it is to double-check their work and have a document that they can reference when finished with an assignment.

LIST-you may hear your students talk about the list.  This is assigned to them while I teach math to the other grade level.  On the list are assignments such as:

  1. DLR (Daily Language Review) FYI-DLR quizzes on Fridays
  2. 5 a Day (math warmup)
  3. Spelling activities
  4. finishing other assignments

We correct around 3:00 each day. Some students are still learning this process, so any help with this is appreciated.

Spelling tests are on Thursdays.  Once a student has 25 points of activities, they may turn their spelling into the yellow tray.  It is possible that they finish a day early.   I'm looking for neat handwriting, organization as well as correct spelling on these assignments.

Pictures are next Wednesday at 9:45 AM.

Estimation jar winner for August is Gabriella!!! She was very close and won the whole jar of sour gummy bears.  I'm still in need of the next estimation jar for September.

Art- we will start a big art projection this next week.

Novels-we will start a workshop with three different novels soon.  I had all students fill out a Google Form about the novels that they had read and will put students in groups accordingly.

Morning Meetings: We have been discussing Respect.

Last but not least, thanks for all the donations and volunteer forms.  I'm still trying to get my bearings but will contact you based on your forms.  Please let me know if you have any questions or would like a conference at any time.  I'm happy to meet or call you.


Yay, thanks for visiting our class blog.  Please sign up by entering your e-mail address.  Feel free to enter numerous e-mails, the more, the merrier!

A few important details:

Back to School Night-Thursday, August 17, 2023, 5:00-6:30 pm

First Day of School: Monday, August 21, 2023

Parent Tech Night: Tuesday, August 22, 2023 6:30 pm in the MP room

Labor Day: Monday, September 4, 2023 NO SCHOOL

Fifth graders will receive new chromebooks sometime in August.  I will let you know more as I receive the details.

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