Testing Treats Sign Up & Intersession Interest Form


State Float parade-if your student is showing off their float, you are welcome to attend the parade this Thursday at 10:30.

PARENTS & Guardians:  will line up in front of the outdoor stage and the office.


4th grade to Coloma on June 7th-chaperones are Mrs. Beley, Mrs. Lambeth, Ms. Garbett  Thank you so much!

Open House on June 8th

Please keep an eye on Synergy as grades are closing on 6/9/23

Intersession interest form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfnli6exPYZcFOZLIuM2mmKZHCWFV527uV6h6BhaQe7du8kRg/viewform?usp=sf_link

Important Updates-Thanks so much!

Dear families, I need your help on a few issues.  These issues have been impacting our class daily. Thank you for helping me with these.

Remind your child each night to charge their Chromebook, please.  Also, send your child with their charger in case they need to charge it.  

About 5-8 students come to school without a Chromebook or a dead Chromebook every day.  That adds up to a lot of students each week.  I have multiple students asking to borrow chargers, or needing loaners from the office.  Most borrowed chargers are left in the wall overnight-still plugged in.  I collect these daily.  When students come with a dead Chromebook, they have to move from their seats and sit by a wall.  This week, several Chromebooks needed their cache cleared in order to view the spelling words.  Since we have so many unattended borrowed chargers, I have instructed students not to let their friends borrow their chargers.  Any help with these technology issues is greatly appreciated.

No names– I have been receiving a number of no-name papers and it seems to be increasingly worse.  With every class set of papers, like math homework, for example, about 4 students don’t put their names on papers.  I have huge piles of no-name papers that need to be claimed daily.  It takes a lot of prompting, but students then find it and write their names on it and turn it in for credit.  Please talk with your child about this and ask if they are a frequent no-name student.

Wednesday Folders- I save all work for the week to be sent home for parents and guardians to view and then the student should file work back into the binder.  Work should be saved for the entire trimester.

Here is the blurb from a post back in October about this:

Wednesday Folders are now being sent home with corrected work.  Please remember to have your child keep all assignments in their binder for this trimester.  We will toss everything once report cards are done.  Since I have two different grade levels, I have two different grades to enter and some grades are accidentally not recorded when I toggle back and forth.  Luckily when students save their work, they can turn it in if it isn’t inputted correctly in Synergy. 

We need to keep all work for the trimester.  Please do not throw any work away.  Students can organize their work in a binder.  This will help them when they get to middle school and have multiple teachers and need to stay organized.  Also, if work from another student gets sent home by accident, please send it back to school ASAP.

State Float reminders…here is a copy of what I posted on April 10th

They can choose from:

1.-making a state float at home and research at school

2. making a Google Site on their state at school

3. making a Google Slideshow on their state at school

4. making a paper report on their state at school

All students will be giving an oral report for 40 points.  The other part of their report is 60 points.

SLIDE SHOW/Google Site IS DUE: Monday, May 22, 2023


FLOAT PROJECTS DUE & FLOAT PARADE: Thursday, June 1, 2023, 9:30 a.m.  (Families may come only if their student created/chose this project).  

Math- 5th grade has a quiz on Monday and 4th has one on Tuesday.

Thank you for reading my blog, I really appreciate it.  I know how busy life can get.  I appreciate any support with the above items. I hope everyone has a great weekend.   Please have your student ask me for a Griffin Gram by saying that you read my blog this week.  🙂 



May 15th Updates

Thanks for taking the time to read these posts.  Thanks to the families who sent in supplies for nachos on Cinco de Mayo and the sweet teacher treats also.

4th grade: ch 11 math test on Monday.  Please pull chapter 12 pages.  Fourth graders will be heading to the computer lab this week to help 1st graders with coding.  We are also working on a science unit-Human Machine and Body Systems.  Also, I returned all of the Coloma field trip money as the grade level decided to not charge.

5th grade: starting chapter 10 in math…last one!  We will continue with the CSHE (family life lessons) next week while fourth grade is in the computer lab.  We are continuing with Events Leading to the Revolution and will start the DBQ about Valley Forge this week.

Both grades: we are reading Matilda, writing unit, and Gallon Land lesson.  Of course, we are still practicing our play.  DLR and spelling will start back up next week as well.

I will have a sub on Tuesday, May 16th as my son has his transfusion.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

May updates

Hey hey it’s May!

We are busy busy here as you know.  Here are the updates.

4th Grade

Math-ch 10 test on Monday, we have reviewed for 2 days, please pull out chapter 11 pages.  Reading, we will pause Wonders this week to start a novel, Matilda.  We will do another week of Wonders during the week of May 8th when the 5th graders are at Starbase for the week.  Students worked on a Gold Rush slideshow and started their murals.  Thank you for all of the field trip forms for the Dairy Farm.  I will send home the Coloma forms next Wednesday.

5th Grade

Math- students have a ch 9 math quiz on Monday.  The chapter test is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, May 9th.  Students worked on Road to Revolution slideshow and a foldable for the Revolution.  Students are also working on their mural.  We will start a novel on Monday, Matilda.  Starbase is coming up, and students will be returning to school around 2:00 each day from May 8-12.  Students will also need to arrive at school by 8:45 for the bus.  Lastly, our CSHE (formally known as family life) curriculum will start on Monday, May 1st.  It consists of 11 lessons and will be happening here and there when the 4th graders can go to PE or computers.  I will send home 6th-grade camp forms next Wednesday.

Whole Class: We are practicing our play almost daily.  Our new novel will be done as a workshop so I can work with a small group.  We are also working on our state reports as well.  We have a guest teacher coming in from the district to teach a summary lesson to both grade levels separately on Wednesday.  We have a special Ports Zoom for Cinco de Mayo on Friday.  I wouldn’t turn away any nacho items either…just sayin.  🙂 

Have a great weekend!


Updates April 17

Thank you for all of your attention to the field trip forms.  We have been practicing our play daily on the solar system.  We are learning our lines and songs.

4th grade: learning geometry (ch 10), Narrative writing, Wonders, and finished the California Native climate and geography today.  For two weeks, on Google Classroom, there was a list of all the questions on the test today.  I gave time every day in class to review and study for these questions.

5th grade: Ch 7 test on multiplying fractions on MONDAY, they had a review today in class.  Then we will move on to dividing fractions next week-chapter 8.  We are also working on Narrative writing and studying the events that lead up to the American Revolution.  Fifth graders are also working on coloring a mural from the American Revolution.

I will have a sub on Wednesday so I can take my son in for his monthly transfusion.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

April 10th Updates

Happy Friday everyone!  I have several announcements and updates for you all.

First, your 4th/5th grader has a tie-dye shirt in a Ziploc bag that needs your attention ASAP.  I sent home a half sheet of instructions with this as well.  Thank you PFO for purchasing these for every child.

Second: we are starting our state reports.  The fourth graders will do a state report on California and the fifth graders get to choose any other state except California.  I don’t mind if students choose the same state.  I remember being very concerned that someone else was going to pick Maryland before me.  I’m giving students the choice of how they want to complete their report.

They can choose from:

1.-making a state float at home and research at school

2. making a Google Site on their state at school

3. making a Google Slideshow on their state at school

4. making a paper report on their state at school

All students will be giving an oral report for 40 points.  The other part of their report is 60 points.

SLIDE SHOW/Google Site IS DUE: Monday, May 22, 2023


FLOAT PROJECTS DUE & FLOAT PARADE: Thursday, June 1, 2023, 9:30 a.m.  (Families may come only if their student created/chose this project).  

Fourth Grade Math: The review starts Monday and the test is Wednesday, April 12.  There is a review on Think Central now if your child wants to get ahead.  Please feel free to tear out chapter 10 pages now so that students are ready to go next week.

Fifth Grade Math: The review starts Thursday and the test will be Monday, April 17th.

Science-we will start rehearsing our next play on the Solar System!  Whoohooo, I love this play!  I will pass out the play next week and we will start to look at the roles.  The students who didn’t get their first choice last time, can choose first this time around.

Social Studies: Fourth graders have a quiz next Friday on Native Americans.  Fifth graders are still learning about Jamestown and forming colonies.

Fourth graders will make a California Bear Flag on Monday!  I bought these kits from the California Museum.

Class Raffle Basket: We are joining forces with Mrs. Platt’s class and accepting donations for a basket.  Our theme is to pamper the parent.  Any items that you would like to donate for this basket can be sent in with your student. Thank you in advance for any donations.  Our due date is May 30th.

5th grade only: Starbase forms were sent out this week, thank you for returning those with a $30 check for all five days.  Also, thank you to the 8 parents who filled out the camp intent form.  Please see your Talking Points for the link or e-mail me directly. I do need these to be filled out ASAP.    mresquiv@egusd.net


Thanks for reading the blog!  I appreciate you! Have a great weekend! Melissa Azevada



April 3-7

Dear Griffin Family,
Your help is needed!  Please join us to help tie dye shirts: 4/6 – Prep – 2 shifts 4-6 PM, 5-7 PM 4/7 – Dyeing – 10 AM – 1 PM
*If you are able to wash a load of just our class shirts during the weekend of April 7th, please email me directly.
We had a blast on our field trip this week.  I think everyone learned some valuable information.  I thank our chaperones for attending and the students for being patient during our traffic hiccup. Chaperones, if you can send in your $4 in cash to me ASAP, I’d appreciate it.
The next field trip is to a grocery store where a district representative will meet us to teach about label reading.  If you would like to chaperone this short trip, please let me know.  I think I could use 2 more adults.  The date is Monday, April 24th from 9:15-11:30.
The 5th graders will go to Starbase for five days in a row from Monday, May 8th-Friday May 12.  I will not need chaperones for these days.  Sorry, but there are 5 separate field trip forms for this trip.
The fourth graders will go to Coloma on Wednesday, June 7th.  They will also do some gold panning there.  I am also seeing if the 4th graders can go to a Dairy Farm on May 11.  I will let you know if we get accepted for that one.
4th-grade updates: ch 9 math quiz on Wednesday 4/5, Wonders lessons and assessments on Thursday with Spelling.
5th-grade updates: ch 7 math quiz on Thursday, April 6th.  We are still working on Journey to Topaz for ELA.  We will continue to learn about Jamestown and move on to the events that led to the Revolutionary War.
We started new spelling activities today also. Tests are still on Thursdays.
We will have a sub on Wednesday as I have an all-day meeting with the 5th-grade teachers.  I will be on campus but not available for e-mails.
We will start an art project on Peter Rabbit this week and also work on making white cranes.
As always, when we track off, students tend to lose items.  I handed out about 13 expo markers on Tuesday.  I am out of any emergency markers.  I also handed out highlighters, pencils, and erasers.  If you can donate any markers, I would appreciate it.  My Amazon wish list has them on there.
I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Thanks for all my birthday wishes and gifts!  What a sweet class I have!

Tracking On

This will be a short week for us and even shorter with our field trip.  We will not have spelling or DLR this week.

4th grade: starting chapter 9 in math Relating Fractions and Decimals.  Students will be starting a new unit on Native Americans in California in S.S.  For ELA, we are going to work out of the Wonders program and read a story a week.  There will be a quiz on vocab and the story weekly.

5th grade: starting chapter 7 in math Multiply Fractions.  Students will be working on Revolutionary art murals for SS.  For ELA, we are still wrapping up Journey to Topaz.

The students have PE tomorrow and Wednesday, and computers on Thursday.

We are also moving to the 4th-grade schedule which is: Recess: 10:50-11:05    Lunch: 1:20-2:00

Students are still welcome to eat veggies and fruit in class.  I am seeing a lot of Tupperware/plastic containers stored in desks, so please remind your child to bring home empty food containers.


Friday, February 17

Hopefully, you have received at least one Talking Point Communication from me this week.  I’m trying to utilize that as well as a form of communication.

Please ask your child for the green field trip page with details about Tuesday’s field trip.

There is no spelling or DLR this next week due to no school Monday, field trip Tuesday and Friday is a minimum day.  Friday is Decades Day for a spirit day.  I hope to see some unique costumes!

4th grade updates:

Bio Report dress-up day and presentations: Thursday, February 23rd

We will not start a new math chapter and instead are working on a Harriet Tubman DBQ.  There will be an assessment on Geography on Wednesday.  Students know what is on the quiz and can show you on Google Classroom.

5th grade updates:

Ch 6 math review on Tuesday, Wednesday and test on Thursday, February 23rd.  We are wrapping up the novel Journey to Topaz.  The students had a quiz today.  Students have been creating an interactive journal.  Some students are very behind since they are socializing more than working during the list time.  I have urged students to take it home over the long weekend to work on if they are behind.  Parents and guardians please be on the lookout for the yellow page about the NEW COMPREHENSIVE SEXUAL HEALTH INFORMATION NIGHT.  This will come home next Wednesday.  The curriculum that all fifth-grade teachers will be using is brand new and very different from years past.  Please see the link below for more info:



Lastly, next Friday is our track-off day.  We will be off from February 27-March 27.  The students track on Tuesday, March 28.  We have a field trip on Wednesday, March 29.  I need all permission slips in this next week please.

Have a great three-day weekend!  I appreciate you all!

Melissa Azevada

Thank You, Thank You!

8 Follow Up Day(E)


No school on Monday!

Today is the end of trimester 2!

Valentine’s Day project due Tuesday, 2/14  We will celebrate Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, February 14th, and we will have a Valentine exchange and mailbox contest (see back).  If your child chooses to participate in the exchange, please make sure to have a Valentine for every student in our class. For simple mailbox delivery, leave the To section blank, unless you have a special friend you want to address it to. We have 28 students & your teacher.


4th grade Updates:

Math: we started reviewing today and will continue on Tuesday.  The test is scheduled for Wednesday, the 15th.

Students are still working on their biography reports daily.  The report is due February 23rd.  Students will come to school dressed that day and present.

5th grade Updates:

Math: we had a math quiz today.  Some students really need to be reviewing for this.  Remember that they have a copy of the exact quiz in their math pages to preview.

Reading: We had a quiz on Journey to Topaz today and we are working on this novel daily.

Have a great three day weekend!