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A resource for parents and students to learn about distance learning in Mr. Howard’s class during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Distance Learning Mission

Members of Mr. Howard’s class aim to be people of good character.  This continues to be our mission during distance learning.

My family is missing “normal.”  My sons are missing their friends–from the neighborhood, from school, and from daycare.  My wife and I are missing our work routines.  We are missing the regular structure of our daily lives. Through the course of the stay-at-home order that we have been living under since mid-March, I have tried to maintain my connections with my friends and my family.  Through phone calls, text messages, and face time calls, I have tried to create alternatives for that social connection.  Admittedly, these forms of communication have not been adequate substitutes.

So, as I began planning lessons for distance learning, I wanted to provide you and your families a potential source of connection during social distancing.  I looked for, created, and adapted lessons and projects that are based upon sixth-grade standards and the real-world use of those standards.  I, then, took it a step further and tried to add in an element that will reconnect you with your friends, with me, and your community.

It is my sincerest hope that you will find these five weeks of distance learning to be fun, engaging, and relevant to your life.  I look forward to seeing you again soon.  I’ll leave you with the following Ancient Civilizations question: Did you know the first French fries weren’t actually cooked in France? They were cooked in Greece.

Minutes of Daily Planned Lessons


Students will read informational texts.  Students are encouraged to read literature texts of their choice.


Students will explore new writing prompts every day with the focus of writing as routine.


Students will complete projects that connect the real world and the sixth-grade standards.


Students will learn about the human impact on the various environments of the Earth.

Social Studies

Students will study five new ancient civilizations, with the focus on a new civilization each week.

All Other Subjects

Students will have learning opportunities in English Language Development, PE and Computers.

Distance Learning Technologies

EGUSD Portal

Students have used the EGUSD Portal as a central access point for curriculum resources and other learning tools.

Google Classroom

Students have used the Google Classroom many times during this school year.  Google Classroom will be the hub for distributing lessons and instructions.  Access Google Classroom from the EGUSD Portal.

Google Drive

Google Drive will serve as a digital file cabinet for all Google Docs, Google Slides and other materials they will be using during distance learning.

Google Docs, Slides & Forms

Students have used Google Docs during this school year.  Students may have used Google Slides and Google Forms in previous school years.  Support will be provided, if needed.  Students can gain access to these apps from the Portal.

Think Central

Think Central is the website for Go Math, our math curriculum.  It will be used to deliver math instruction.  Access Think Central through the Portal.


YouTube will be used to deliver instruction on various topics.  Links to specific YouTube videos will be provided through the Google Classroom.

Kids Wonder Online

This service is brand new to students.  Students will need to complete some initial steps before using the service.  They will receive detailed instructions on how to set this service up.

Imagine Learning

This service will be used by English language learners, so not all students will be using this service.  It is new to students, and they will need to complete some initial set up to use this service.  Detailed instructions will be provided.

Distance Learning Grading

During distance learning, students will still receive letter grades in academic areas on their Trimester 3 report cards.  However, how students earn letter grades will be different.

Students are expected to demonstrate their understandings of the sixth-grade standards. However, not all daily assignments will be used to determine an academic grade.  Required assignments that will be used for an academic grade will be clearly identified in the weekly information students will receive via the Google Classroom.

Students who complete and turn in a required assignment will receive a C automatically on the assignment.  The student work will be reviewed for the accuracy and clarity of the work specific to the key concepts the assignment addresses.  If the student’s work demonstrates well-reasoned ideas and understandings of the key concepts, the assignment will receive an A.  If the student’s work demonstrates some understanding of the key concepts, the student will receive a B.

Office Hours

I will be available to offer support to students and parents every weekday from 3PM to 4PM.  If you would like me to reach out to you, please fill out the form below.  I will make every attempt to respond within 24 hours.

Contact Mr. Howard

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Latest News

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Weekly Overviews

Find out a general idea of what is in store for the next five weeks.  These weekly overviews give you an idea of what to expect every week.  (Weeklies may change in response to student needs.)