8 thoughts on “StarBase Day Two – Principles of Air & Flight (Videos)

  1. On the first Starbase picture we were learning if air has wieght. Just to tell you it does because the air you blow in the balloon has wieght.

  2. On the second day of star base we learned that air exerts pressure, as weight, and that air takes up space. We had lunch out side and played. When we got back to the class room we study the structure of a plane. The plane was actually a simulator of a plane instead of a real one. That day was pretty exciting.

  3. In Star Base I learned how to measure the air wieght and what are matters. We explode a film capsole with liquid and a tablet we put in there. Also I learned how the air foil works and it was intresting. Star Base was fun!

  4. For our saecond day at Starbase we figured out that air has wieght by doing an expirment that envolves @ balloons the same size. We did this expirment to see if air does have wieght. Then we did another expirment to see if air takes up space we put a napkin in a cup and put it in a liquid to see if it would fall. INCOMPLETE

  5. For our second day of star base we learned about Bernoulli’s principle of flight. We learned the four forces of flight. They were lift, drag, gravity, and thrust. We learned the parts of the plane which are the cockpit, propeller, wings, and fuselage. At the end of the day the flew a virtual plane.

  6. Mrs.Brooks when you shot at Benjamin it was very FUNNYHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! You are the best StarBase teacher ever

  7. Mrs.Brooks when you shot that rocket made out of foam at Benjamin. It was very FUNNY!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! You are the best StarBase teacher ever

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