HWAS Tues. 01/26/10

Spelling – 1st Half, Meaningful sentences
Reading – TBH Sticky Notes pgs. 390-393 and VOCAB. sentences
Math – Finish DITTO, odds #1-27 (Show work on binder paper).

Copies of VOCAB and MATH:

Sacagawea’s Journey VOCAB
provisions, capable, portage, desperation, scouting


Hi Christina! How is your trip going. Comment about it on this entry and we’ll read it together!

35 thoughts on “HWAS Tues. 01/26/10

  1. Hi! The weather is very hot here. So far I am trying to visit all my families and relatives. How are you and your the class doing? There are lots of bugs here in Vietnam.

  2. When I was in junior high and high school, our announcements were read by Lester Holt.

  3. Dear Mr. Alfonso,

    I think that the song’s that you put on the Monday announcements are very old, annoying, and boring. You should change your songs. They seem so, ughhhhh. PLEASE CHANGE YOUR SONGS. MAKE THE ANNOUNCEMENTS MORE INTERESTING PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I removed your last name. – Mr. A.

  4. I think the music was not that good and a little 1980. Other then that it sounds great but get better music.

  5. Hi Mr .Alfonso ill just like to make a suggestion on the announcements i think the songs are to old can u put songs like here’s one REPLAY jay z sings it thank you .

  6. MR. Alfonso the monday mornig sonygs are boring. Nobody wants to here stuff from the 1700s’ we want to here hip hop not old day music. We are not old we are young kids that do not like old music we like hip hop or rock or somthing. Not old day music. Put newboyz you a jerk or somthing that kids want to hear not tachers. On monday’s put hip hop please.

  7. The song you pick are boring. Please no more 90’s music. Play the new ones.

    I took your last name off. – Mr. A.

  8. Dear Mr. Alfonso,

    I think that you should really change the songs you put on the announcements. The songs are really really really old and should be changed to something from this decade. I also think they should be songs that the kids actually know. In conclusion please please please please change the songs on the announcements.

  9. Dear Mr. Alfonso,my church doesn’t allow the pledge to flag because it is just like worshiping idols,so I just stand up.

  10. Hi Mr.Alfonso, I think that you should change the music on the weekly anouncements. I think you should play eye of the tiger, breaking benjamen, or clean music from eminem. Your songs are to old, you’ve been playing it for a long time, its boring, please change it. And make sure to anounce our class for AR points. I also think that you should get rid of the eagle screaming. So I think you should change the music on the anouncements to rock music. I also think that you should change your background on your blog. So you should play rock music.

  11. Hey Mr.Alfonso! Your class sure has a lot of homework….. I really have nothing to say. I think I’ll just tell you hi. Hi!! I was wondering how you know when it’s someone’s birthday. It would be really cool to have my birthday on the monday morning announcement. By the way, my birthday is on March second. ;D Well, that’s all I have to say. Have a nice day!

  12. Hi Mr.Alfonso I would like to say that your choice of songs seem to me very old. I think you should put the song New york State of mind Singed bye Jay-z that is the song you should put that for the song. Also if you can mack the screech a little less loud.

  13. Dear Mr.Alfonso i think that you should put some modern music on the moring anoucments like hip hop or rap a song that we kids will enjoy listening to thank you and good by

  14. Hey Mr. Alfonso,
    I think that you should change the music on the morning because your music that you play are in the past and are old. I think that you should put on Replay by lyaz, Whatcha Say by Jason Derulo or Down by Jay Sean.

  15. Hey Mr. Alfonso! I was wondering how you know when it’s someone’s birthday. It would be cool if my birthday was announced. In case you wanted to know, my birthday is on March second. lol

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  17. When you type in all caps, it means you’re screaming. Are you screaming? If yes, don’t scream. : )

  18. Thanks for the suggestion. Find me a Jay-Z without cussing or inappropriate content and I might reconsider. Thanks for the suggestion!

  19. I thought your comment was well thought out and well written. Thanks for the suggestion Saul.

  20. Wow! That’s a lot to consider. Yes to rock music. Make a suggestion. I’ll announce AR points if Mr. Ferreirae emails them to me. We’re the Eagles so until we change mascots; no. I can turn it down a bit with the screech.

  21. “Holt graduated from Cordova High School, Rancho Cordova, CA, in 1977, [1] and holds a degree in government from California State University in Sacramento.[2] His grandparents are of Jamaican descent.[7] In his spare time, he plays the bass guitar.[4][8] He resides in New York City with his wife, Carol, and their two sons, Stefan and Cameron.[9]” -from Wikipedia.


  22. Sticky Notes (sorry I forgot to blog it)
    FYI- President Thomas Jefferson bought the Lousiana Territory
    FYI- He sent people out on an expedition to explore the land
    ME-They went westward in two long pirogues and six dugout canoes
    FYI-They left late afternoon towards St. Louis
    EM-Sacagawea was calm although she wasn’t excited
    FYI-There were thirty men and a family in the expedition
    FYI-Everyone had their own skill to use in the journey

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