My Favorite Food is…

Write a paragraph about your favorite type of food. Make sure to have a topic sentence, reasons with details, and a concluding paragraph. Don’t forget to use transitions!

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  1. My favorite food is chinese food for two reason. First of all, I like noodles because they are soft and they have a delicious soup on it. In the noodle, you can put a spicy sauce to add flavor. Next, I like chow fun because it is very oily. Chow fun is fun to eat because you can stack it up and stab it with your chopstick. Therefore chinese food is my favorite food.

  2. My family food is chinese for three reason. First, I like shrimp balls are crunchy and I love shrimp. Second,I like eggs rolls. I like egg rolls because there is vegatables ,meat, and you can dip it in a sauce. Finally, I love paper wrap because it has chicken, it is fried and it made by my uncle. Therefore,I love chinese food because it is my culture.

  3. My favorite food is mexican food for two reasons. To begin I like tamalies because my grandma makes them. I like the juciness when I bite into the tamalie. The next favorite food I like is the casadea. I like the casadea because of the cheese. I like the cheese because the cheese melts into the casadea and it tastes greecy and good and especally at my birthday party every one brings mexican food and I love it. Clearly mexican food is what I enjoy eating.

  4. My favorite type of food is Mexican food for two reasons. First of all, I like crunchy food such as tacos (hardshell) with vegatables and beans. Also, tamales which is my favorite type of Mexican food. The soft masa with chicken inside it’s delicous. My third reason is the enchiladas. Which are burrito like but the enchiladas are waay better. You can pick any sauce you want with the meat inside. As you can see, my favorite food is Mexican food.

  5. MY favorite Mexican food is for two reasons. First, I love the delicious flavoir of the food. The postle has a rich sent and smells very taste. Next, the thing I like about the Postle is the delightfulness. The Mexican food has diffrent kinds of flavors like:spicy,sweet and tasty. Then, when the postle is warmed up we start addind the vegtables.Finally, after eating the food it’s going to taste very delicious. Clearly, thats how the postle is.

  6. My faorite food is Japnese food for three resions. The food smells bad but it is good. I pluge my nose so I can’t smell it.Teat with chop stiks ,so can use them better. I use to use them a lot but now I rarly use them. The curry is good. It’s good but the smell stiks to my hands. Clearly, Japaneses food is good to me.

  7. My favorite food is Mexican food for two reasons. First, I enjoy eating buritos. Buritos can be made of different things like cheese , meat, and beans. Second, tamales are very fun to eat. Tamales are fun to eat because you can make it your self, they are soft ,and spicy.To sum up,I enjoy eating Mexican food.

  8. My favorite type of food is Mexican food for two reasons. First, I like the beans because they are healthy and you can mix them with rice or soup. Second, I like tocos. I like tocos because I can put different things in it. Clearly, Mexican food is what I enjoy eating the most.

  9. My favorite food is Italian for three reasons. First of all, I’m half Italian. I am Italian from my mom’s side of the family. Happily I am proud to be Italian. Also, It is not an every day food. I love the mouth watering meat sause. Plus I love the lasagna my mom makes. Yum! An important reason, is I enjoy diffrent kinds of noodles. I love Fettuccine Alfrado with small shrimp. Diffrent kinds of noodles are good. In conclusion, Italian food is the best.

  10. My favorite is chinese food for three reson . Frist of all I like noddles. It’s good when you add some sauces. The meat tase so jucey and the soup is so clear that you can see though it . Next, I like sweet ansd sower soup . You can eat with noodle or sauces ,sometime the soup taste spicy , if can eat with rice it taste good . Finally I like fried rice . It has different vegibles , different eggs ,and sometime meat . As you can see chinese food are the food I eat every days.

  11. My favorite food is Chinese food for 3 reasons. First I like the meat on the top of the rice. It taste much better than food I eat every day at my house. Also I like Eggrolls when I dripp it in the sause. I like the vegtables and when you bite it,it makes a crunchy sound. Finally what I like to do is eat with my hands. I like to eat with my hands because I always have to eat with a fork or a spoon. Therefore I enjoy Chinese food.

  12. My favorite food is Chinese food for three reasons. First, Ilike Chow Mein. Mostly I like the chicken it Its also good because its fried. Second, Ilike Fried Rice. I mostly like the chicken and rice, I dont really like the vegtables. Third,I like the egg rolls. Its so tasty when you dip it in sweet and sour sauce. In conclusion, Chinese food is my favorite food.

  13. My favorite food is Mexican food for three reasons. First of all, I love tamales because it’s soft. I also love tamales because I like how soft it’s in the inside with chicken. Next I like eating buritos. I like eating buritos because when I eat it it’s really hot and it warms me, but at home I have to wait until it gets warm and cold. What I also like about eating buritos is because it feels soft and squishy. Last of all, I love eating the hard tacos. I love how crunchy it is. Also what I love about the hard tacos is when you take down a bite it makes a crispy crack sound that makes me smile big. As you can see those are my favorite Mexican food I love eating.

  14. My favorite food is three reasonq. First of all, I like pizza because it is good. I like pizza because it is soft when you bith in to it. second of all I like pizza because it got all type of cheese. The pizza is good when you pick up the pizza all of the cheese be all on that pick it be cheese. Third of all, I like it be good when you be coke. That my I like and it fill me up. In concluston pizza food is what lenjoy eating

  15. My favoret food is mexican food for five resons. the first,reson is all the food you can make like encheladas, beens,rice,cheese,tamalies,posole,bred and more food.The second reson is because my grandma mackes all the food. The third, reson is because mexican food is like no other food you need to add so much things you wont remember. The forrh reson is because of all the difrent kinds of cheese like white,yellow and ther is so many shapes htre are round and strate. The fith reson is because I have been eating mexican food for a long time and it is part of my colcher. clearly I love mexican food.

  16. My favorite food is Chinese food for three reasons. To begin with, I like noodles. There are diffrent kinds of noodles such as chicken chow main. I like to eat it because it is soft and I like soy sauce with chicken and noodles. Another one of my favorite food is fried rice. I like it steamed and with carrots, peas, and shrimp. Also, I enjoy eating chicken and pork. I like the taste of the sauce that covers it and I like it hot. Sometimes I use the sauce to mix it up with my rice To sum it all up, Chinese food is what I like best.

  17. My faviorite food Nachos for three reasons. First, of all I like the melted cheese. It tastes hot. Also, I like mostly all the toppings on it I like to crunch on it a lot. Finally, I like the jalepenos. I like when the toppings fall off then I could get a spoon to eat it. And that is why I like Nachos.

  18. My favorite food is mexican food for two reasons. First of all it’s fun to use my hands to eat. I use my hands to eatmexican food but, at home I always use forks and knifes. Also I like the different cheeses. I like to see the cheese melt over an enchilada or in a burrito. Without a doubt mexican food is what I enjoy the most.

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