Instructional Steps To Making A Pinhole Camera

This will be an instructional post about the creation of a Pinhole Camera.

A Pinhole is a small, light-tight can or box with a black interior and a small hole in the center of one end.

Step 1: Finding A Can or Box Pinhole Camera



Step 2: Painting the Boxes Interior
Reason: To not allow light to expose the picture when taking a photo.
Error to look for: Chipped or peeled paint could allow light to enter


Step 3: Making the hole
Reason: To allow light from subject to reveal in the camera
How to: Use a sewing needle to pierce halfway through


Step 4: Now you are ready to take your pinhole photos and make sure you are not revealing any light that might get into the camera. Use a Kodak Film or any film paper and expose it for this amount of time —–> Bright Sunlight: 1-4 seconds/ Cloudy Bright: 4-16 seconds.

Step 5: Process and Printing photos: Develop the negative into the developing stages (See Link:

Some Examples of Pinhole:


Madonna by: Scott Speck

Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport by: Unknown

London Bridge

London Bridge by: Unknown


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  1. A pinhole camera is nothing but a simple camera, that is made in a light-proof box with a small aperture, but without a lens.
    Thus the simple steps of making a pinhole camera are given in this article, step by step. Contact to Microsoft Support Australia, if u want to know more about it.

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