Digital Citizenship Part 2

Students at Franklin Elementary will be given their second digital citizenship lesson of the year this week. Throughout the year, we will be talking about internet safety and how students can be responsible when connected to the “Digital World.” 1st and 2nd graders will learn about keeping their personal information private while online.  We will […]

Giant Keyboard

It has definitely been a work in progress, but I’ve finally finished my Giant Keyboard!           The hardest part was “stitching” the takeout boxes together to make the bigger keys.  The spacebar was a nightmare!           This is a great tool to help show students where the […]


Internet Safety has been the topic of discussion in my computer lab the last few weeks. Our district implemented an Internet Safety curriculum that all computer resource teachers must teach to the classes that come into the computer lab. As I begin my lesson on safe user names and passwords, I am reminded why this […]

New School Year!

Dust off the cobwebs and set your alarms! School has started here at Franklin Elementary School. I am back in the computer lab and getting our school set up for a new year. I have been entering student names into our Accelerated Reader program and our First In Math program. I’m real excited about a […]

Blogsy for iPad

I just recently earned a free iPad from Scholastic and I wanted to find a great app that will help me stay on top of my blog. Well, I think I found a great one! The name of the app is called Blogsy. It is a great way to utilize the iPad’s touch technology. You […]

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