Measure M Quick Facts

Quick Facts

Date Passed: November 8, 2016
Voters in Favor: 70.18%
Total Bond Authorization: $476,000,000
Timeline: Five-phase program covering 10 years (bond sale every 2 years)
First Bond Sale: $82,000,000 on May 11, 2017
Second Bond Sale: $121,000,000 on February 19, 2019
Tax Rate: $38 per $100,000 of assessed property value


How many general obligation bond measures has EGUSD brought to voters in the past?

None. Measure M is the first time the school district has asked voters to support a general obligation bond to dedicate tax dollars for facilities’ upgrades and renovations.

Why did EGUSD pursue its first general obligation bond measure?

EGUSD schools have successfully educated generations of local children, but many schools are more than forty years old. While the district has done a good job maintaining local schools over the years, necessary repairs and renovations are beyond the point of general maintenance and what the normal district budget can cover. The passage of Measure M also makes the district eligible to apply for state matching funds increasing the total amount of facilities-related funding the district could receive.

What will Measure M do?
  • Improve every school in the district.
  • Increase the safety of EGUSD schools.
  • Repair aging infrastructure.
  • Update classroom instructional technology for improved student learning in subjects like science, math, technology, and career technical education.
Where can I find a specific list of school-site projects that Measure M will fund?

All projects that will receive Measure M funding were listed on the Master Project List that was printed on the November 8th, 2016 ballot measure. The list published on the ballot is final and cannot be altered or amended. More detailed information can also be found on this website under Projects as well as in the 2015 update of the Facilities Master Plan.

How were the projects identified for Measure M funding decided on?

The projects included in the Project List were selected as part of an extensive community survey and input period that lasted approximately 24 months. Facility improvement priorities were identified by community members, school administrators, teachers and parents. The results of this information gathering period were compiled and published in the Facilities Master Plan.

Will Measure M funds cover the cost of all needed facilities improvements in the district?

No. The total cost of completing all the projects on the Project List ($1.6 billion) far exceeds funds allocated through Measure M ($476 million). Despite this difference, the district’s goal is to be able to complete all of the projects on the Project List. This may be accomplished by leveraging other funding sources alongside Measure M dollars. Some of these other funding sources include developer fees, state school modernization dollars, and statewide bond funds (CA Proposition 51).

How will voters know how Measure M dollars are being spent?

CA law requires that an independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee (COC) review all bond expenditures. Each year, the COC will publish an annual report to inform and advise the public. In addition, the district will be subject to yearly financial audits.

I don’t have children in EGUSD schools. How does Measure M impact me?

High quality educational instruction and well-maintained school facilities increase property values, keep our community safe and strong, and create a local skilled workforce.