Dragon War (Part 37)

“Where’s the challenger? I paid good money to see this battle! I didn’t think I’d see a coward runaway!” complained dragons. “I want my money back!” and “I DIDN’T SIT WITH RANDOM DRAGONS FOR MORE THAN AN HOUR JUST TO SEE A RAT RUN FROM A FIGHT!!!” were yelled from the arena seats.

“Why do you think that stranger helped Sandstorm like that?” asked Midnight.

“To help her escape certain death. DUH!” stated Thorn.

“I think we should go look for her.” said Wave.

“Okay, let’s go.” said Midnight.

The group rose and left the arena, well all except Incinerator. Her head was down, not letting the others see her amber-colored eyes. “No. She tried to kill me. Let her die. This is what she deserves for trying to kill an heir. If Roadrunner and I win this war, I will personally have her executed.” Incinerator finally looked up at the group. Her amber eyes, now blood-red. Vengeance was written all over her face. A maniacal smile slowly spread across her face. “And see her bleed below my feet.”

The three slowly backed away. As soon as the were in the center aisle, they fled. Incinerator sat there. Staring at them, her smile started fading,

Hours later…

“Why was Incinerator acting like a maniac?” asked Midnight.

“She snapped, but for no reason.” said Thorn.

“This is not the Incinerator we know. There can’t be a twin because Incinerator already has a 3 sisters.” Wave thought aloud.

“Unless… No, it can’t be. The Book of Dark Magic couldn’t have been opened. It had an ancient seal to keep it from dragon to open it.”

“What is this Book of Dark Magic?” asked Wave.

1 and ½ hours later….

“Ohhhhh. That’s what it is.” said Wave.

Thorn face palmed herself.

(To be continued)