My Little Me

I have made 2 characters, both made from Charat. I have titled them both as Maddie.

The one on the left has many similarities to me. We have blue glasses, black hair, t-shirts, jeans, and messy ponytails. I do have highlights but Charat does not have a choice for highlights.  The boots, wings, and ears are very altered. First, I don’t have wings and ears. Next, I do have boots but not the kind my character is wearing.

The next avatar is another version of me. She has headphones because I love listening to music. I have messy bangs for most of the time. A nice, messy ponytail like the first avatar. My eyes aren’t purple, but I thought the purple makes the whole character pop. At school, especially during the winter, I usually wear black. The purple background is nice. I thought I’d add the background because I love to read about outer-space. The black dots would represent the asteroids and I would be the planet.

These are the avatars I have made. I hope to see you soon next time. Goodbye!

2 thoughts on “My Little Me

  1. Hi Madison
    I wanted to leave a comment on your ‘How to comment’ blog post as I enjoyed the cartoon that you had made all about commentating on blogs.
    This is great timing as I have volunteered to be a commentator this year for the Student blogging challenge.
    I am computing advisor in the UK and love going into schools to teach students and teachers all about technology.
    I hope you are enjoying your blogging challenge, and the comments you are receiving. Where has your furthest comment come from?

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