Dragon War (Part 36)

Sandstorm snipped the ropes that bound her wings together. As she flew out of the windows, Sandstorm noticed the guards at the window, jaws gaped open. I hope they’ll forgive me for leaving them, it was either death or freedom, thought Sandstorm.

It, somewhat, felt like hours of flying across the continent. Sandstorm didn’t feel like she didn’t belong anywhere in this planet. No where was fit for a scrawny, little runt like her. Her heart ached as she flew further and further away from her friends. They were like her own family. Dysfunctional is something most would say, but Sandstorm thinks it’s perfect.

She became thirsty so she flew to a nearby oasis. Sandstorm met a nice dragon named Rattlesnake. Since she heard that Sandstorm was an arena escapee Rattlesnake let her drink from the oasis, pay-free.

Sandstorm said goodbye and left. I’ll see you soon, guys, thought Sandstorm.

As the dark blue sky turned into an orange color, the sun had risen halfway. Sandstorm needed shelter, for when the search party came she could not be out in the open. Se couldn’t find a suitable cave or  hollowed out tree stump she could cover with leaves. Sandstorm thought, Hey! I think I can fit in a tree. Maybe that’ll work,

Sandstorm flew up the nearest tree and hid for the time being.

(To be continued)

I Am Poem

I am someone who loves the sense of adventure.

I wonder how many lives I will have an impact on in the future.

I hear love everytime I come home.

I see the greatest adventure in the littlest of tasks.

I wish for a trip to a place where the wind pulls my hair back while being in a small cart.

I am someone who loves the sense of adventure.


I pretend to be a pirate at sea.

I feel like I’m the fastest runner in the world when I chase my dog.

I touch  my dog’s leash like he is my trusty, noble steed.

I worry if the adventure will end so soon.

I cry tears of joy when I beat the challenge.

I am someone who loves the sense of adventure.


I understand why I can’t yet explore some places.

I say to go onwards even when you’re stuck.

I dream about traveling all over the world.

I try to push myself the explore different places.

I hope to be a writer so I can write about my adventures.

I am someone who loves the sense of adventure.