Dragon War (Part 35)

Sandstorm ran and ran. Her wings were bound to her be a strong rope. “Thank you!” Sandstorm called behind her back. She thought she saw the stranger waved to her. She was probably imagining it because of her excitement.

A few hours later…

Sandstorm was curled up under the bed in the guest room. She knew that Roadrunner was coming for her. “Never again will I try to hurt anyone. Never. Ever,” she whispered to herself.

Down the hall, Roadrunner was furious about Sandstorm escaping. “Search the area, I want every nook and cranny checked. She won’t get away that easily. I will make sure that she has a slow and painful death this time. And for the traitor that ruined the fight, throw him in the fire pit. But I’ll make that rat watch, as he burns to a crisp,” snarled Roadrunner.  

She left the corridor, while the guards spread out and searched. Sandstorm shivered as the breeze from the night sky whooshed past her under the bed.

“It’ll be fine,” whispered a gentle, kind voice in the wind. “You will be safe, as long as you escape tonight,”

“W-who are you?” croaked Sandstorm. “A-and how do I escape?”

“Just get that knife over on the dresser, cut the ropes, and fly free,” the voice spoke. “You will survive, I promise you that.”

“Okay,” shivered Sandstorm.

(To be continued)