Dragon War (Part 34)

“Oww! Is there a policy that you have to tug dragons hard?! Jeez,” exclaimed Sandstorm.

“Actually, the policy is to cause pain to whoever tries to kill my long-lost sister. A.K.A you: the worst dragon in history,” Roadrunner jumped in. “ANYWAY, LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!”

They unchained Sandstorm and handed her a broken spear. The champion leaped toward Sandstorm, but she luckily dodged her. Her armor had her named carved into the side reading: Current Champion Scorpion.

Suddenly, Scorpion pulled out a sword on the side of her armor. She turned the sword slowly in her talons. It was stained with the blood of the fallen opponents. Sandstorm wouldn’t stand a chance against a sword with a broken spear.

“This is the end for me,” thought Sandstorm. She believed that this would be her last day.

Scorpion ran up to Sandstorm and started slashing the sword at her. “SCORPION! STOP! Why are you doing this? Look at you, you’re a monster,” shouted Sandstorm.

“The princess pays with fine gold. Fine enough to pay for a jewel-encrusted armor. Fine enough to pay for a golden sword. Fine enough for a-” Scorpion broke off in the middle of her sentence. “Wait, why am I telling you? You’re not worthy to live, you desert rat,” With a swift move, Scorpion managed to cut Sandstorm on her side.

But then, a strange dragon dressed in a dark cloak with a jewel to connect the hood to the other part leaped and tackled the champion. “GO NOW!” yelled the figure.

(To be continued)     

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