Dragon War (Part 33)

Roadrunner was furious. No one and she meant NO ONE messes with her. Nothing could calm her down at the moment, not even a nice battle.

She yanked Sandstorm by the wing, hoping to bring her pain. Roadrunner never had an execution at her fortress. She was so used to executing on the battlefield. “I hope you got an explanation before we get to the execution place,”

“I’M SORRY, I REALLY AM!” she shouted.

They entered a big arena. It was filled with thousands upon thousands of dragons, big and small. In the bottom of the pit was a dragon wearing full armor. The crowd all cheered as they saw Sandstorm come. Some saying, “I can’t wait to watch this,” or “I still can’t believe that dragon in the armor is still alive,” and “I bet the one without armor won’t last five minutes in there,”


“We are gathered here today to see Sandstorm’s execution. She will battle the current champion. The rules are: No weapons, no help from the crowd, and no wussing out. May anyone stand against the execution,” spoke the announcer.

“WE WILL!” shouted a group of dragons. It was her friends (well except for Incinerator)!

“GUYS! I THOUGHT YOU WEREN’T HERE! I MISSED YOU GUYS SO MUCH!” said Sandstorm jumping to tackle them, but the chain around around her neck tugged her to the ground with a thud.

(To be continued)

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