The Staff of the Crystal Wolf

It was a warm summer morning. A girl had just taken a stroll through the park. This girl’s name was Madeline. She walked home. She was worried because there was a school assignment on what your spirit animal was. Madeline had no idea what her’s was.

“Mom have you ever struggled with something before?” asked Madeline.

“Everyone has dear,” said her mother “Go tell your father dinner is ready,”

“Ok mom,” she replied.

As Madeline walked up the stairs she saw a hidden door. She ignored it and walked up.

“Hey dad mom says dinner is ready,” Madeline said.

“Ok tell her I’ll be down in five minutes,” said her father.

Madeline went to her room and took out a metal key from her secret box. She found it when they moved into the house. As she walked down the stairs she stuck the key into the door. It was a perfect fit!  As she slid the door open and she found a magical staff. It had a crystal in the shape of a wolf’s head attached to it at the end. Madeline picked it up and turned it slowly. After she picked it up a room revealed behind it. She took the key out and closed the door behind her. The young girl had to crawl into a tunnel to travel to the room. The room was looked exactly like her house except more clayish.

“What is this place?” she whispered to herself.

She waved the staff and a crystal wolf appeared out of nowhere.

“Madeline I am you spirit animal and you can take me to school to show people that I am yours,” said the wolf.

As the crawled back through the door the door opened magically. Madeline typed a story about how she found her spirit animal and show the class him.

The End

The Turkey On Thanksgiving

It was a crisp autumn morning yet a shiver ran down my head to my big tail. My worries have come for it was the day the men hunt my kind. We were the main course for a Thanksgiving dinner. I was a turkey.When I looked up I saw hunters with their bags ready to stuff us in there and kill us later. In a blink of an eye I was stuffed in a bag with my panicking and frightened  friends. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before we all die. Soon I was killed yet I became a turkey angel. My feathers had turned a beautiful snowy white instead of dirt brown. But I planned a job that I planned if I die. At that moment I cursed everyone to flip the table when they ate turkey. Then I went to every house against my will  to say goodbye to my dead friends. Only special turkeys became angels. Tears ran down my cheek as I saw my loved one be killed. But at that moment I saw a figure rise up. It was my loved one! At that moment I decided to live my life here with my loved one.

The End

A Life Of A Wolf

It starts out as a new pup is born in the wild, belonging to its pack. The pup is not able to to go hunting yet so it stays in the den and waits with their mother. While the pup waits it plays with its siblings. The little pup will be watched by its mother. Some wolf pups will be born a midnight black while others are born as white as snow. The pup would enjoy play fighting with their brothers and sisters. This pup is an heir to be a leader of his pack one day. It will be the same with his siblings. But for now he will be king of the games they play. When his father, the leader, goes out to hunt he will be the first wolf to eat at kills. The alpha male and female get to produce pups only. As the pup grows older he will have to face the challenges that come his way. He will have to hunt with the pack and learn to have teamwork. When they’re hunting they need to rely on each other. One day the alpha male will choose his mate and have pups of his own. This pup is now grown up and will care for his pups like how he was cared for when he was a pup. When the pack travels they might come across another wolf pack and fight. In the end most wolves will have scars. Once the pack settles in they will hunt moose, deer, or rabbit.  First the pack surrounds the moose then the moose as no where to go. Then the pack leaps on their prey and starts biting it until it has fallen. In the wild wolves live 5 to 6 years. That is the life of a wolf. 

Dragon War (Part 3)

After the young dragons had awoken it was a bright and sunny day. The dragons had blood over some of their scales from the fight they had yesterday.

“I think we should find a lake and wash off all of this blood,” said Midnight.

“Finally we’re going to a body of water. Maybe I might find my parents there,” said Wave.

“Oh please,  if I were your parents I would go to the ocean,” said Thorn.

“So can we go to a ocean and search for my parents their?” asked Wave. He gleamed with hope as if wishing that Thorn would say yes.

“On fine,” said Thorn.

“YAY!!!!!” said Wave.

So it was set. The dragons were going to the ocean in search of Wave’s parents. Wave had this feeling that they would be there. Only Incinerator was able to see her parents because they grew up in their town and lived in their old cave. The others were stolen from their town and their eggs were brought there. Wave and the other besides Incinerator had never seen their parents.

“Ok we’re at the ocean. Everyone dive in. And Wave go swim underwater and find your parents.” said Midnight.

“Oooooo an octopus. I’ma catch it,” said Sandstorm.

A few minutes later Wave bursted out with two dragons taller but looked very similar to him.

“Guys I had a chat with these dragons and they say that their egg was stolen. So they’re my parents,” said Wave “Everyone this is Tidepool ,my dad and Tsunami my mother.”

“So you’re Wave friends and supposedly end the war? Oh, my little war ender Wave,” Tsunami said trying to be serious.

“You look so cool Tidepool,” said Sandstorm.

“You guys must be tired. Sleep with us tonight,” said Tidepool.

“Ok,” they said.

“But wait, we can’t breath underwater,” said Sandstorm.

“We have a domed shaped city for visitors at are town filled with air,” said Tsunami.

As they went underwater they had to go through a dark and mysterious tunnel. When they arrived at the end of the tunnel they reached the city. They walked to Wave’s parent’s house to find that everything was dyed blue like the ocean.

“Oooo I love your house,” said Midnight.

“Ok, everyone time for bed. You can explore tomorrow,” said Tidepool.

“Ok,” they all said.

As the young dragons got into bed the moonlight hit the underwater city.

(To be continued)


Dragon War (Part 2)

The young dragons were starving from leaving their cave without eating anything before they left. They knew that it would be a long treacherous journey to stop the bloodshed.

“I want to eat please,” said Sandstorm.

“Ok, I’ll go hunt. What do you want guys?” asked Incinerator.

“COWS!!!!!” yelled all of them at once.

“Ok. Good thing that there is a herd over there in the field,”said Wave.

So then Incinerator lifted off into the sky out of eyesight. In a heartbeat Incinerator dove down into a formation like a meteor was about to crash into the Earth. Then Incinerator came back with ten cows in her talons.

“Ok, dig in guys,” said Incinerator pleased.

“Hmmmm so good,” said Midnight with a mouthful of cows.

“For once you actually did something quick ,” said Thorn.

Just then they were attacked by a cloud of dragons. There was at least ten dragons with scars on them. The other five were as if they just joined the group.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” screamed Sandstorm.

Incinerator had just jumped into battle. Wave clawed the ones attacking him. Thorn whipped her tail so three dragons were smacked against the mountain wall. Midnight had burned some dragon’s wing. Sandstorm had clawed a dragon’s wing so he could not fly anymore. Once the attackers had fled they flew into a cave.

“That was scary,” said Sandstorm.

“I can’t believe that they attacked us,” snapped Thorn.

“Guys let’s rest here for the night ok?” asked Wave.

“Sure,” they all agreed.

So then they all rested for the night.


(To be continued)…..


Dragon War ( Part 1)

It was a horrible time for eggs to hatch. A war had begun just five years ago. The cause of all of it was that the queen of all dragons had died. So now her four daughters allied themselves with different dragons who wanted one of the queen’s heirs to be the next queen. Only a group of young, fearless dragons were able to stop the war. One of them was named Midnight for her pitch black scales. Another was named Wave for his dark blue color. Sandstorm was commonly known for her bright golden body. Thorn was known by her fierce attitude. Last but not least is Incinerator who was able to scorch the ground with one graceful blow.

“ Grrr. Hurry up with that hunting and kill that pig!” yelled Thorn. “I’m about ready to slam you into a rock!”

“I’m waiting for the perfect moment to strike, ok?” said Incinerator.

“Thorn, have you ever thought that if you asked nicely then maybe Incinerator would go a little faster?” asked Sandstorm.

“How about you ask my fist that, pipsqueak,” Thorn snapped back.

 “Guys stop fighting or else we’ll be as bad a the dragons in the war, ok?” said Wave reasonably.

“I agree with Wave,” said Midnight.

“And we all should,” continued Wave.”If we don’t then we’ll be as the dragons out there in the war,”

“I want to go back home,” said Sandstorm.

Just then a figure had just rolled the boulder of their cave out of the way. There was a dragon in the doorway but the sunlight had blinded the young dragons.

“I have come for Incinerator.” said the dark figure.

“You’re not going to get our friend,” said Sandstorm.

“Actually you can have her. Oh, yeah she hunts really slow,” said Thorn.

Midnight stomped on her foot.

“OW what was the for?” asked Thorn in pain

“WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY DAUGHTER?” bellowed the figure.

“Dad, you’re finally here!”  exclaimed Incinerator.

“Wait that’s your dad? I’m so sorry that I said that about Incinerator. PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON ME! pleaded Thorn.

“Oh please, I seen better then just moping about saying something bad about my daughter,” said

Her father.

“So what is your name anyway?” asked Midnight.

“I am Inferno, husband of Ash,” said Inferno.

“And that’s how I got my amazing name,” Incinerator bragged.

After they all went out of the cave they went separate ways. Inferno went back to Ash, while the young little dragons got on their way to end the war……

(To be continued)