1/24 Homework

Math: PB 9-2

Spelling: sentences 11-15

Read: Ancient Rome Ch 16 (quiz tomorrow)

Wear comfortable walking shoes tomorrow. We’ll depart from school around 9:30 and return to Carroll in time for lunch at noon.

Thanks parents for supporting this field trip!

1/22 Homework

Parents, I sent out a Talking Points earlier today letting you know that the Franklin High fieldtrip scheduled for tomorrow is actually on Thursday (same time). Your child will be bringing home a new permission slip to fill out and return tomorrow. Thanks in advance and I apologize for the mistake and extra work.

Math: Moby Max: fact fluency for 10 min

Spellling: sentences 1-5

Read for 20 – 30 min.

Library is tomorrow.

Spelling and Vocabulary Week of Jan. 22

Spelling: plural words

  1. years
  2. twins
  3. trays
  4. states
  5. ashes
  6. foxes
  7. inches
  8. flies
  9. cities
  10. poies
  11. bunches
  12. alleys
  13. lunches
  14. cherries
  15. daisies
  16. spoon
  17. clues
  18. shook heroes
  19. libraries

Vocabulary: Unit 4, Week 2 “The Talented Clementine”

  • apologized
If you apologized , you said you were sorry.
  • attention
When you give something your attention , you watch, listen, or concentrate on it.
Cognate: atenci ón
  • audience
An audience is a group of people gathered to hear or see something.
Cognate: audiencia
  • confidence
When you have confidence , you have trust or faith in something or someone.
  • embarrassed
When you feel embarrassed , you feel shy, uncomfortable, or ashamed.
  • realized
If you realized something, you understood it completely.
  • talents
Talents are natural abilities or skills. Cognate: talentos