Spelling and Vocabulary List for Week of Dec. 4

Spelling List: prefixes

  1. misprint
  2. misread
  3. mistrust
  4. misspell
  5. mistreat
  6. precut
  7. preview
  8. prepaid
  9. preplan
  10. preheat
  11. distrust
  12. discount
  13. dishonest
  14. discover
  15. disable
  16. stairs
  17. rear
  18. where
  19. prejudge
  20. disconnect

Unit 3, Week 4 Vocabulary:

  • effective
Something that is effective works well.
Cognate: efectivo
  • example
An example is a thing that is used to show what other similar things are like.
Cognate: ejemplo
  • identical
Things that are identical are exactly the same.
Cognate: idéntico
  • material
Material is the stuff used to make something.
  • model
If something is a model , it is a small copy of something.
Cognate: modelo
  • observed
When something is observed , it is looked at closely.
Cognate: observar
  • similar
Similar things are alike but not exactly the same.

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