Spelling and Vocabulary List 11/27/23


  1. careful
  2. stared
  3. shared
  4. pair
  5. stairs
  6. wear
  7. bear
  8. where
  9. there
  10. dear
  11. rear
  12. gear
  13. here
  14. career
  15. peer
  16. shore
  17. carve
  18. storm
  19. square
  20. clearly

Vocabulary: Unit 3, Week 3 (Practice games are found in Google Classroom)

  • amount
The amount of something is how much of that thing there is.
  • astronomy
Astronomy is the study of the stars and planets.
Cognate: astronomía
  • globe
The globe is the world.
Cognate: globo
  • solar system
The solar system includes Earth and the planets that move around the sun.
Cognate: sistema solar
  • support
If you support someone or something, you provide what they need.
  • temperature
The temperature of something tells how hot or cold that thing is.
Cognate: temperatura
  • warmth
When you feel the warmth of the sun, you feel its heat.

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