10/31 Homework

Students were given time in class to complete most, if not all, of their homework.

Math: PB 5-2

Spelling: sentences 6-10 (some students who asked for them, were given a dictionary from the library. They are theirs to keep)

Read for 15 min.


Week of Oct. 30 Spelling and Vocabulary

Spelling: /ur/

  1. whirl
  2. third
  3. girls
  4. firm
  5. fern
  6. herds
  7. stern
  8. serve
  9. hurt
  10. nurse
  11. turns
  12. learn
  13. pearl
  14. word
  15. world
  16. stretch
  17. thick
  18. whales
  19. perfect
  20. Thursday

Vocabulary: “Martina the Beautiful Cockroach”

For practice, see Google Classroom “Classwork” page for Vocabulary games/activites

  • disbelief
When you are in disbelief , you lack belief about something.
  • dismay
To feel dismay is to feel shock and surprise.
  • fabulous
When something is fabulous , it is amazing. Cognate: fabuloso
  • features
Features are things that are noticeable about something.
  • offered
When you are offered something, you are presented with something that you can accept or turn down.
  • splendid
Something that is splendid is very beautiful or magnificent. Cognate: espléndido
  • watchful
To be watchful means “to be watching carefully.”