8/31 Homework

Spelling: sentences 16-20

Vocabulary: Google Classroom

Read: Roadrunner’s Dream in Anthology

We are reviewing Ch 3 in Math. Students can complete any “Additional Practice Problems” in the workbook that went home at the beginning of the year that they need extra practice. We’ll likely take the test on Tuesday.

Spelling and Vocabulary for Week of August 28

Spelling: long i and u

  1. sky
  2. fry
  3. pie
  4. tied
  5. tight
  6. right
  7. bright
  8. grind
  9. child
  10. cube
  11. cute
  12. mule
  13. music
  14. drew
  15. few
  16. coast
  17. scold
  18. bone
  19. mighty
  20. Utah

Vocabulary: Unit 2, Week 1 “Roadrunner’s Dance”

  • attempt
When you make an attempt to do something, you try to do it.
  • awkward
When a person is awkward , he or she is clumsy and not graceful.
  • created
When something is created , it is made or built.
  • furiously
When you act furiously , you act in a way that shows you are very angry.
  • interfere
When I interfere , I get in the way of something happening.
  • involved
When you let people get involved in an activity, you let them take part in it.
  • timid
When a person is timid , he or she is shy and not brave.
Cognate: tímido

Spelling and Vocabulary for Week of Aug. 21

Spelling: long o

  1. coast
  2.  float
  3. toad
  4. coal
  5. soak
  6. gold
  7. sold
  8. scold
  9. slope
  10. broke
  11. note
  12. bone
  13. slow
  14. show
  15. foe
  16. snail
  17. same
  18. weigh
  19. bowl
  20. program

Vocabulary: Unit 1, Week 5

  • carved
To carve is to cut something into a shape.
  • clues
Clues are hints that help solve a problem or a mystery.
  • grand
Grand means great or large.
Cognate: grandioso
  • massive
Something that is massive is very, very large.
  • monument
monument is a building, statue, or other object made to honor a person or event.
Cognate: monumento
  • national
Something that is national has a characteristic of or has to do with a country.
Cognate: nacional
  • traces
Traces are small bits or signs left behind that show that something was there.