7/31 Homework

Spelling: write meaningful sentences 1-5

Meaningful means that you show in your writing that you know the meaning of the spelling words.

EX: clock is the spelling word

not a meaningful sentence: Jillian has a clock.

a meaningful sentence: Jillian looked at the clock on the wall and saw she was late.

Read 20 minutes

Parents, the Chapter (or Savvas refers to them as Topics) 1 test will be this week. We’ll review tomorrow in class and may take the test on Wednesday.

Week of July 31


I’ve posted today’s assessments in Synergy. You can also find their Grammar quiz in Google Classroom.

Spelling List: shourt vowels e, o, u

  1. step
  2. mess
  3. head
  4. crops
  5. stop
  6. rock
  7. clock
  8. sock
  9. pond
  10. jumps
  11. shut
  12. luck
  13. slump
  14. bugs
  15. mug
  16. clap
  17. sick
  18. snack
  19. ready
  20. does

Vocabulary: (words also found in Google Classroom for week of July 31)

  • courage
Courage is bravery in a difficult situation.
Cognate: coraje
  • disappointment
When something is a disappointment, a person is sad because something is not as good as expected.
  • precious
Something is precious if it is very valuable to you.
Cognate: precioso
  • pride
Pride is a feeling of satisfaction in something you have done.
  • remind
When you remind someone, you make that person remember something.
  • symbols
You use symbols to represent ideas or objects.
Cognate: símbolos
  • traditions
Traditions are things that have been done for a long time.
Cognate: tradiciones

7/27 Homework

Complete Job Application and Student of the Week forms (if you haven’t done so)

Math: 1.5 Buddy Problem Solving

Spelling test is tomorrow

Vocabulary and “Wolf!” Comprehension test is tomorrow. Visit McGraw Hill app to reread story in the Anthology and review vocabulary words (found in Google Classroom)

Homework 7/25

Math: 1.3 Practice Budy (online)

We completed our Spelling sentences together in class. We will do that for the remainder of the week.

Job Application and Student of the Week forms are due tomorrow.

Please remember to charge your Chromebooks each night.

Homework July 24

Math: 1.2 Practice Buddy (online Savvas app in the portal)

Spelling: We’ll work on our Spelling sentences in class this week so they get the hang of it.

Spelling homework will begin next week.

Ask your child if they need a binder for their backpack. 1 inch binders should be sufficient for this year.


Week of July 24 Spelling and Vocabulary

Good Afternoon,

On most Fridays I’ll post the Spelling lists and Vocabulary for the coming week. Each week there will be a different focus in spelling patterns. This coming week we will focus on the short a and i. (There will be weeks when we don’t have a Spelling list)

I’ve sent an email to all guardians and parents inviting you to join your child’s Google Classroom.  Let me know if you are having any difficulty with that. I’ve posted the Back to School slides for those that missed Back to School Night.

Before we move on to the list, I want to make you aware of the links on the left side of this blog page. These links are posted to be of assistance to you or your 3rd grader. There are Parent and Student links, and some are the same in both categories; while some are specific. If you find a link that is no longer working, please let me know.

On with the Spelling list:

  1. clap
  2. camp
  3. hand
  4. stamp
  5. snack
  6. rack
  7. grabs
  8. glad
  9. bill
  10. miss
  11.  click
  12. pink
  13. sick
  14. grin
  15. lift
  16. cat
  17. bit
  18. man
  19. anthill
  20. cramp

Vocabulary: Unit 1, Week 1 Wonders

concentrate When you concentrateyou think very carefully about what you are doing.
Cognate: concentrar
discovery When a discovery is made, something that was hidden or unknown is found.
educated An educated person has a great deal of knowledge.
effort A person works hard to finish a task that takes effort.
improved When a person has improved, he or she has become better at something.
inspired When you inspire another person, you encourage that person to do something good.
Cognate: inspirado
satisfied satisfied person is pleased with the way something happened.
Cognate: satisfecho