About the Author

Hi I’m Jasmine, and I am 11 years old, I love to read. Reading is fun, cool, and amazing when you read it is like your in a book! It depends on the book if you read small chapter books like magic tree house it is like your on an adventure, that’s why I like to read. Also my favorite subject is P.E. The reason why P.E is my favorite subject is you get exercise. You also get to have fun, and every time your done with P.E you feel more and more healthy. When I don’t have anything to do, and have extra time on my hands, I like to draw. When I’m in my room, my room is my whole world of art were I draw, sketch, paint, and color. It makes me happy when I draw, I like to sketch wolves and other animals that I like. Sometimes I like to draw my friends and their favorite things. Some more interesting things that I like to do is sing, dance, and do gymnastics. When my older sister was  younger she did gymnastics and one day I saw her doing gymnastics she told me to join her and she taught me how to do a couple of things, like handstands, back bends, and cartwheels, and thank you for taking the time on reading my blog!