Photo Essay

On October 2, 2014 my cousin Thy, came over to my house because her mom had to go to school and her dad was at work.  My mom at the time was on a mission trip in Vietnam as a nurse, so it was usually just my dad and I at home. My dad didn’t want to cook that night so the three of us were going to go eat out. We decided to first, go to Wal-Mart and pick up groceries before heading to dinner. In Wal-Mart we bought milk and bananas as well as some candy and gum for me. My dad bought some chicken wings, because he wanted to cook over the weekend. When we go grocery shopping Thy is always full of energy, wanting to push the cart, or dance. We also bought some PAM cooking spray, and tried but failed to find some sesame seed oil, so we gave up on it. After we finished grabbing the groceries, we headed to the checkout lines and paid for our things and left.

Later that evening, when my dad asked me where I wanted to eat dinner I replied that I was alright with anything because I was pretty hungry.  He decided that we would go to Sizzler because it was pretty close to our current location, and he wanted to eat some steak. We drove over there and ordered, a twelve ounce New York Steak for me, a Steak and Ribs combo for my dad, and a Kids burger for Thy. We were seated and the restaurant was pretty full and there weren’t many waiters and waitresses, I even saw the manager help serve. The service was really slow; we didn’t receive our drinks until twenty minutes, and our meals came twenty minutes after that.  I was pretty hungry by the time our food came, the food looked delicious, and my steak came with fries, while my dad got vegetables. Thy got a cheeseburger which my dad cut in to convenient, small slices. We enjoyed our meal, when my dad asked for lemon for his steak; it came as we were finishing our meal. My dad and I finished our meals, but Thy had some leftover so we got a to-go box and took it home. Overall our meal was fine but the service wasn’t up to par.

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