10 Tips

This assignment, I used the 10 Kodak tips for photography, and I edited them on photoshop.

Get down on their level

Use a plain background

Use flash outdoors

Move in close

Take some vertical pictures

Lock the focus

Move from middle

Know your flash’s range

Watch the light

Be a picture director

Special Place

My special place is at my home, my desk. Almost every weekday I spend at least two hours at my desk doing homework. On the weekend I surf the internet and play video games. At least of my free time is spent at my special place. What makes my special place so special comes down to many things, such as the light, the organization, and the time I have spent so far. My desk, has a lamp on top of it. This lamp shines really bright, for those nights I have to stay up doing homework. It always is bright enough, but not too bright to where is blinds me. My desk has three shelves to the side, which are usually organized. This helps me concentrate and keep my work together. I also have my laptop and pencils right next to it, within reach if I need to use them. I can also pull out a drawer if i need more space. Overall, all the time I have spent doing homework, or just wasting time at my special place has made me treasure my time there, the place where I can do everything and anything I want.