We have a computer lab equipped with 30 computers and all students in grades K-6 use the lab. We are a 1:1 school meaning that each child is assigned a Chromebook to use for the year. These Chromebooks are used daily with many general education assignments being delivered through apps and links on our school portal.  By the time children complete their education at Florin Elementary School, they have had hundreds of hours working with and through technology. Our students learn familiarity with Google Drive and Google Classroom which are both accessible at home and at school.  They also learn keyboarding (typing) skills, research techniques, and much more!


English Language Development

All teachers are trained to work with children whose first language is not English. Techniques and strategies such as controlled vocabulary, use of visual aides, hands-on activities, total physical response (TPR), and primary language support to help students succeed in strengthening and learning English skills.

The CELDT (California English Language Development Test) is administered to new students within 30 days of beginning school. All students who are still identified as English language learners are reassessed annually by October 31st. On going testing will be done as students arrive at our school.


Florin Elementary Afterschool Academy

The Afterschool Academy offers a preschool program and an afternoon program from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The after-school programs are family centers. Students in 1-6 can benefit from homework help and tutoring. Parents can attend workshops, adult education classes, and job training. Children must live in the attendance area of a Title I school. Placement is based on age.


Head Start/State Preschool Program

Headstart is state and federally funded for children from low-income households or for handicapped children. They accept children ages 3-4. The program enables children to be better prepared for entry into the kindergarten program. A Homebase Program also services preschoolers in the home environment.


Health and Nursing Services

The district nursing services are administered by a qualified school nurse who provides:

  • Vision and hearing screening
  • Updating medical information
  • Supervision of the maintenance of appropriate records for each student

No elementary school in the Elk Grove district has a resident nurse. Nurses are available on an on-call basis.


Healthy Start Assistance

Healthy Start is a state-funded grant servicing four elementary schools in the Elk Grove Unified School District. Healthy Start enables students and families at our school to receive the following:

  • A comprehensive range of prevention-oriented services that promote a healthy start for all children.
  • A child and family support network established and maintained through the ongoing collaboration of families, schools, community-based organizations and city and county service agencies in order to maximize student and family potential.
  • Support for parents to maintain active participation in their child’s education.
  • Effective communication, team building and service evaluation between and among parents, schools and agencies in order to promote Healthy Start goals.
Language, Speech, and Hearing Program (LSH)

A speech and language specialist is assigned to our school to assist students with identified needs. To qualify, students must be assessed by the specialist and meet certain qualifying criteria. The specialist also works closely with the Learning Center and the Student Study Team.


Learning Center/Special Education

Qualification for special education services is based on diagnosis, screening, and teacher/parent referral through the Student Study Team (SST) process. All students are assigned to a regular classroom but may be assisted with small group instruction in the Learning Center or regular classroom.



The school psychologist administers psychological testing, consults with teachers and parents on emotional behavioral and learning problems, acts as a liaison to community services, counsels students, provides parent education, and is a member of the Student Study Team.


School Site Council

The School Site Council members are elected by the school community and hold two-year terms which expire through normal rotation. The members fulfill the following functions:

  • Develop and recommend a school improvement plan for each school year.
  • Review the implementation of the plan and periodically assess its effectiveness.
  • Rewrite the plan annually, establish a budget and make necessary changes.
  • Survey parents concerning the quality and effectiveness of the school.
Student Study Team

The Student Study Team (SST) is an effective way to bring tighter all resources to support students experiencing difficulties in regular classes (a group problem solving method). The team meets at the request of a teacher or parent or guardian for a concentrated problem-solving meeting where all the involved persons are present. The parent or guardian will be asked to participate in person or give input by phone conference. During the Student Study Team meeting, either specific recommendations or a comprehensive action plan will be formulated in an effort to assist the student. A brief follow-up meeting is scheduled to assess the child’s progress and make further recommendations that will enhance the child’s opportunities to succeed.


Title I

The Federal government provides special funding for helping children in the areas of reading and mathematics. Students whose scores on the STAR test fall below the 25th percentile in reading or math qualify for assistance in this program. This special assistance is not in place of the regular program but a supplement to the regular program. A full-time teacher and instructional assistants all work with qualified students on a daily basis. An extended day program is also provided.