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How does Yes and work…When grappling with a problem, consider using the Yes and…protocol.  You need at least 2 people and this is how it works:

(Person 1) I need to complete a project on Egypt but I’m not sure how to start.  I think I can begin by looking up the history of pyramids.

(Person 2) Yes, and you can watch a documentary on how they were built so you get a sense of the purpose and why it involved so many people.

(Person 1) Yes, and I can also look up images so I understand how they were laid out inside.

(Person 2) Yes, and you can study how and why they put the things in the pyramids they did.

(Person 1) Yes, and I can focus my study of Egypt by really digging into what the various chambers inside were used for.

(person 2) Yes, and…