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As a partner district of CaliforniaColleges.edu, school sites are able to offer various career pathway supports from a one-stop shop. Don’t let the name CaliforniaColleges.edu fool you. This platform is rooted in the Community College system but helps parents and students to navigate to the CSU and UC systems as well. Housed at the Foundation for California Community Colleges, the California College Guidance Initiative (CCGI) works to ensure that all 6th-12th grade students in California have access to a systematic baseline of guidance and support as they plan, prepare, and pay for postsecondary education and training. Through the CaliforniaColleges.edu platform there are various tools:


–          Career Assessments and Inventories + other career preparation activities

–          Academic Planner

–          Three Search Tools: Career, College, Major; Scholarship will launch Winter 2018

–          Career and College factsheets

–          Content Pages

–          Vocabulary List

–          Application Articulations: CCCApply, Cal State Apply, FAFSA/CADA

–          CSU & UC Eligibility Tools (partner districts only)

–          My Plan (digital portfolio)

–          Parent User

–          Educator Dashboard

–          Knowledge



How a pathway teacher can use these tools is multi-faceted but here is one – FINDING WHAT CAREERS HAVE STUDENTS


Once students have completed the career assessment entitled the Interest Profiler and students have saved, Favorited careers, then a report can be generated that shows each career. WHAT CAREERS HAVE STUDENTS 


Here are some ways to support students in your pathway with this program:

Go to the CaliforniaColleges.edu website and familiarize yourself with the jobs listed under your Industry (see image below).



Click on the tab Career and then look under Career Search Tool. You can then connect with the CCGI Lead at your school site to see when the Interest Profiler will be administered and with what grade levels so you know when to ask for reports to gain insight into students who are interested in careers in your industry pathway.  This can be used as a recruiting tool!

Contact your CaliforniaColleges.edu site Lead (CCGI Lead) and ask them to set up an account for you so you can access lessons and other information.


CCGI Site Leads:

  • Albiani MS      Rodolfo Mendez
  • CalvineHS      Lisa Flores/Carrie Farwell
  • COHS             Gayle Warren
  • Daylor             Toni Singh   
  • Pinkerton MS  Veronica Stoner
  • EGCHS           Lisa Valenzuela
  • EGHS             Kelly Teresi
  • FHS                Kia Vang     
  • FranklinHS     Jen Hubbard
  • HEMS            Chris Wong
  • Harris MS       Kachiside Madu
  • Jackman MS Matt Jacobson
  • Rutter MS      DaoFidel     
  • Toby MS        Nicole Harada
  • Kerr MS         Kevin Farwell
  • LCHS            Deana Seyvertsen
  • Las Flores     Pa-Lack Lee   
  • MTHS           Perla Gaines
  • PGHS           Teresa Schmutte
  • Rio Cazadero Cynthia Cortes
  • Sheldon HS   Kelly Teresi
  • Smedberg MS Angela Keel/Cheryl Stark
  • VHS             Ron Riebeek/Phuong To