(916) 686-7709 EXPLORE@egusd.net

The EGUSD department variously known as Career Technical Education, Alternative Education (now provided by EGUSD Department Secondary Education) and/or College and Career Options has a new home and a new name. Please visit the Department of College and Career Connections at 9418 Elk Grove-Florin Road, our new home in the Elk Grove Shopping Center. We are pleased that all but two members of our team are under one roof!

At our new site, you will find easy parking and access to:

  •         John Buckmaster
  •         Trina Davis
  •         Laurie Fox
  •         Bill Giovannetti
  •         Kathy Hamilton
  •         Sue Hubbard
  •         Donna Jones
  •         Jamie King
  •         Lily Mora
  •         Leeann O’Bear
  •         John Pellman
  •         Jane Ross
  •         Patti Sipula
  •         Valarie Williams

College and Career Pathways Counselor Jackie Nevarez is housed at Valley High School and Career Center Technician Carrie Farwell continues to travel among Calvine, Daylor, Elk Grove Charter, Las Flores and Rio Cazadero high schools.

In addition to Career Technical Education, including career academies and pathways, the College and Career Connections Department oversees adult education, charter school authorization and college dual enrollment programs for EGUSD.