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This year we have four programs developing Community-Connected Learning projects with their students:

  • Laguna Creek’s Manufacturing, Production and Technology Academy (MPTA) will be partnering with Villara Building Systems and allowing their students time to solve a few challenges: 10th graders are challenged with figuring out how to reduce the amount of dust coming off the cop saw when cutting gutters; 11th graders will be working in the fall on the 2 Second Lean by studying processes of the front office, and 12th graders will be utilizing the 2 Second Lean by studying processes of the shop class. Through this project the students will be able to share their findings with Villara in the hopes that Villara will then be able to try similar strategies.  In the spring, students will be working on redesigning the Villara employee parking lot.
  • Pleasant Grove Innovative and Design Engineering Academy  (IDEA) is partnering with SMUD and the Sacramento Tree Foundation.  The Sacramento region is number 3 in the nation for having the most trees per capita, and there are many benefits to having trees within communities.  There are still many areas in this region who do not realize this benefit. How do we responsibly grow the Tree Foundation program within the Sacramento Region, and communicate this information in an effective way to all within the area.
  • Pleasant Grove DMA is partnering with Access Sacramento and challenging their students with the question of Freedom of Speech via public access cable.  With the rise of streaming shows and movies, as well as satellite TV, cable viewership seems to be going down, and funding is reduced. Students will work together to determine how and why freedom of speech is related to these issues and what to do about it.
  • Sheldon High School Biotechnology Academy (BTA) seniors will work with graduate students, or postdoc volunteers from a local research institute to solve a research problem. Each group of students will select one project manager, and the group will work together to identify a problem that is related to the mentor’s theme and develop a research plan.