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Competition Aims to Engage Students to Broaden Understanding of Biotechnological Advancements

ELK GROVE, Calif. – May 25, 2018 – Sheldon High School Bio-Technology Academy students walked away with 23 awards in the 2018 Teen Biotech Challenge (TBC) using website design. In addition, a student from both Laguna Creek High School and Franklin High School also took home an award. With biotechnology transforming daily lives in agriculture, medicine, biofuels and bioremediation, products developed using advanced biological techniques span a wide range of commercial and humanitarian applications. The Teen Biotech Challenge aims to promote awareness and understanding of the many ways biotechnology positively impacts society and motivates participating students to gain skills in research and creative web design while achieving recognition from peers, educators and members of the biotech community.

The challenge is open to students in grades 9-12 who are tasked to choose a biotech topic within one of seven designated focus areas: Agricultural Biotechnology; Computational & Systems Biology; Drug Discovery & Biomanufacturing; Environmental Biotechnology; Nanobiotechnology; Personal Genomics & Human Health; and Regenerative Medicine. Using their own research, students developed web pages that illustrated the chosen technology’s impact on society. Then, students developed an educational website that was judged for adherence to contest directions, quality of information, web design and overall presentation.

Student winners were recognized at the 2018 Teen Biotech Challenge Awards Symposium at UC Davis on May 18, 2018. During the evening’s program, first place students delivered brief oral remarks on their biotech topic and experiences building their websites.

Agricultural Biotechnology Student Name(s) “High School – Sponsor
Website Name URL
First Place Vivian Nguyen Sheldon HS – Kelli Kosney Planting a Better Future https://viviannguyen84.wixsite.com/betterfuture
Second Place Katie Yang Sheldon HS – Justin Cecil “Genetic Engineering
in Agriculture: The Restoration of Food”
Third Place (TIE) Brandon Pham Sheldon HS – Laura Ziegenhirt GM Crops: Fighting Hunger with Science https://phambrandonn.wixsite.com/mysite-1
Third Place (TIE) Noah Dutra Laguna Creek HS – Michael Frei GM Foods: Feeding the World https://noahdutra.wixsite.com/biotech
Honorable Mention Julia Nguyen Sheldon HS – Jason Brennan Reproductive Cloning https://juliahnnguyen8.wixsite.com/reproductivecloning
Honorable Mention Jazmine Minhaz Sheldon HS – Bob Fendall Genetically Modified Crops https://jazmineminhas.wixsite.com/gmcrops
Computational Biology & Genomics Student Name(s) “High School – Sponsor
Website Name URL
First Place Anna Guzman Sheldon HS – Kelli Kosney Computational Genomics: The “How” of Science https://annajguzman20.wixsite.com/computationalgenomic
Third Place (TIE) Jasmeen Randhawa Sheldon HS – Bob Fendall Human Cellular Aging: Extending your Legacy https://jasminerandhawa6.wixsite.com/humancellularaging
Third Place (TIE) Yen Nguyen Sheldon HS – Justin Cecil “Bioinformatics: Where biology meets computer
Drug Discovery & Biomanufacturing Student Name(s) “High School – Sponsor
Website Name URL
Third Place Lelian Pham Sheldon HS – Jason Brennan Drug Discovery: HIV and AIDS https://lelianpham.wixsite.com/hivandaids
Honorable Mention Kelly (Huyen) Tran Sheldon HS – Kelli Kosney Cancer Immunotherapy https://itskellytran.wixsite.com/cancerimmunotherapy
Honorable Mention Jenny Luu Sheldon HS – Bob Fendall “Cancer Immunotherapy: The Hopes of Countless
Environmental Biotechnology Student Name(s) “High School – Sponsor
Website Name URL
First Place Reinier Bautista Sheldon HS – Laura Ziegenhirt “Bioremediation: Saving Our Environment, One Microorganism at a Time” https://reinierb1121.wixsite.com/bioremediation
Honorable Mention Annika Tamaki Sheldon HS – Jason Brennan Cool It, Earth! https://annikatamaki.wixsite.com/coolitearth
Honorable Mention Janell Phung Sheldon HS – Kelli Kosney Bioplastics: The Gateway to Bettering Earth Day by Day https://janellphung.wixsite.com/bioplastics
Molecular Tools Student Name(s) “High School – Sponsor
Website Name URL
Second Place Nicole Hoang Sheldon HS – Kelli Kosney Advances in Gene Knockout Technologies https://nicolehoang13.wixsite.com/geneknockout
Third Place (TIE) Mai Lam Sheldon HS – Bob Fendall Gene Therapy: The Future of Modern Medicine https://mailam062002.wixsite.com/mysite
Third Place (TIE) Michele Truong Sheldon HS – Laura Ziegenhirt Peeling the Banana Genome: Harnessing the Power of Genomic Research http://micheletbid.wixsite.com/peelingthegenome
Honorable Mention Tiffany Situ Sheldon HS – Jason Brennan CRISPR: The Future of Gene-Editing https://tiffanysitu.wixsite.com/crispr
Honorable Mention Kamille Maningding Sheldon HS – Justin Cecil Pathogen Detection: Identification of the Microscopic Killers https://kmaningding1.wixsite.com/tinykillersdetected
Honorable Mention Skyler Wong Sheldon HS – Laura Ziegenhirt Biohacking: The Forefront to Evolution http://skylerwong.wixsite.com/biohacking
Regenerative Medicine & Biomedical Engineering Student Name(s) “High School – Sponsor
Website Name URL
Second Place Tala Abboushi Sheldon HS – Jason Brennan Tissue Engineering: Creating Tissues and Saving Lives https://talaabboushi.wixsite.com/tissuengineering
Third Place Hannah Saephanh Sheldon HS – Justin Cecil Building An Empire With The Artificial Womb https://hsaephanh.wixsite.com/futureofthewombs
Honorable Mention Mark Mislang and Diena Salman Franklin HS – Ron Siemens Stem Cells: The Revolutionary Cure https://markgmislang.wixsite.com/therevolutionarycure
Honorable Mention Soleil Gonzalez Sheldon HS – Kelli Kosney The Future of Organ Transplants https://soleilg02.wixsite.com/organtransplants



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