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Elk Grove Unified will create a new cyber-security student pathway program and implement an integrated science curriculum in an Ag-Science Pathway. The pathway creation and curriculum expansion is possible through two Specialized Secondary Program Planning Grants awarded to EGUSD from the California Department of Education totaling $70,000.

One of the $35,000 grants will support Elk Grove High School’s Ag-Science Pathway, which is part of the Sustainable Agriculture and Green Education (SAGE) Academy. The integrated agri-science series of courses will allow students to master required life and physical science competencies, including biology and chemistry in agriculture content. The multi-year grant will provide the SAGE Academy an opportunity to implement a new curriculum that is approved by the California Agriculture Education (Calif. FFA) and University of California’s Curriculum Integration Institute. The new sequence of courses also meets the A-G graduation requirements and is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. This grant will allow SAGE teachers to participate in professional training and fully develop the agri-science curriculum. The three-year sequence of courses meets EGUSD’s graduation requirements and will complement the program’s current offering of agriculture business, agriculture mechanics, floral design and animal science courses. Students will roll up their sleeves and get down and dirty while learning cohesive lessons about agriculture, life and physical science.

While the agri-science continues to grow, the need to be cyber-security savvy is also important now more than ever. Graduates from Laguna Creek High School’s (LCHS) new computer science pathway will be able to protect governments, businesses and private citizens from getting hacked by individuals that want to cause chaos. LCHS will use their $35,000 grant to develop an innovative  curriculum focused on cyber-security. The Computer Science Pathway will be developed in collaboration with Sierra College and the course(s) will be articulated and transferable for college credit. Furthermore, the pathway will include  the implementation of the CyberPatriot program, which was conceived by the Air Force Association to inspire students in pursuing careers in cyber-security or other sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics, according to USCyberPatriot.org.

The Computer Science pathway joins the Green Energy Technology (GETA) and Manufacturing Production Technology Academy (MPTA) as technology-focused options at LCHS.

The Specialized Secondary Program Planning Grant period runs through June 30, 2017.