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ELK GROVE, Calif. – March 24, 2016 – State School Superintendent, Tom Torlakson, recently announced a major round of funding for Career Technical Education (CTE) programs, and Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) was awarded $4,273,522 from the funds.

“These much-needed funds allow us to continue engaging students in meaningful ways by helping them become college and career ready upon graduation.  One of my philosophies is that a connected kid is a successful kid and, for many of them CTE opportunities create that connection and spark an  excitement for lifelong learning.” expressed Christopher R. Hoffman, Superintendent of Elk Grove Unified.

According to the press release issued by the California Department of Education, “Grantees are expected to implement and maintain a CTE program meeting the elements of a high-quality CTE program pursuant to Education Code Section 53071(c).  The focus of the grant program is the delivery and sustainability of high-quality CTE programs.

EGUSD has a long and strong history of support for Career Technical Education, including comprehensive academy and pathway programs that integrate core academic and technical subjects in an approach known as Linked Learning.  The Linked Learning model prepares students for college and career with rigorous, interactive and innovative study both in and out of the classroom and in collaboration with post-secondary and business partners.  Students benefit from the combination of challenging coursework, cross-disciplinary projects, and workplace and networking opportunities that allow them to develop essential 21st-century skills that will contribute to their success in post-secondary education, the workforce and life.

In January, EGUSD was named as only the second Ford Next Generation Learning Community in California and 19th nationwide in recognition of its support for career academies and pathways and Linked Learning Community Master Plan, which charts the course to sustain and extend this work.

Our district has witnessed the success of students in our academies and pathways, and studies also bear out the effectiveness of the Linked Learning approach. In fact, a study prepared for the James Irvine Foundation reported that districts that implement the Linked Learning approach are getting transformational results in higher graduation rates, improved school attendance, and better test scores.

Our district-specific data below charts similar positive results.

Attendance:                              97% for Linked Learning students — 95% for others

GPA:                                        2.99 for Linked Learning students — 2.67 for others

Graduation Rate:                       99% for Linked Learning students — 92% for others

A-G Completion:                       69% for Linked Learning students — 50% for others

About the Elk Grove Unified School District

The Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) is the fifth-largest school district in California located in southern Sacramento County. EGUSD covers 320 square miles and includes 65 schools: 40 elementary schools, nine middle schools, nine high schools, five alternative education schools, an adult school, one charter school and a virtual academy. Offering a multitude of educational programs, including over 40 career-themed academies and pathways within 13 industry sectors, we prepare our students for college and career by supporting them with the means to be creative problem solvers; self-aware, self-reliant, and self-disciplined; technically literate; effective communicators and collaborators; and engaged in the community as individuals with integrity. We integrate rigorous academics with career-based learning and real world workplace experiences and strive for having every student learning in every classroom, every subject, every day.

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