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cell6-1024x768The Ag TECH Academy offers exciting opportunities for students in the broad and technically challenging fields of Agriscience, Environmental.

Horticulture, Agribusiness and Agricultural Engineering /Manufacturing. Utilizing state of the art instructional and laboratory facilities, the Ag Tech Academy provides advanced curriculum for student skill development in an industry based and equipped setting:



  • Agriscience/Biotechnology Laboratories
  • Computer and Multimedia Technology
  • Greenhouse Plant Propagation
  • Floral Retail Display Center / Cooler
  • Animal Production Areas
  • Incubation and Exotic Animal Management
  • Aquaculture Facility
  • Welding and Plasma Cutting
  • Wood Working Technology
  • Small Engine Mechanics
  • Cold Metal Pneumatics

The hands-on learning, you’re experiencing it right there and it gives you more options as a student. Some students are not just good at reading, some students have to see it, hear it, or touch it. Ag Tech really addresses all learning styles and is a really positive environment.


Academy Benefits

  • Articulated College Courses that earn College Credit while at Florin HS
  • Ag Tech Academy and Florin FFA membership
  • After school clubs: Intracurricular CTSO-Florin FFA, Ag Tech Academy
  • Mentorship and internship opportunities
  • Technology integration into the classroom learning environment
  • Agricultural project development including County and State Fair
  • Garnering of grade level awards and graduation recognition
  • Instructor/Peer Support
  • College and career readiness activities and hands on learning emphasis
  • Leadership, communicative and cooperative skill developmentcapture-300x168